Chapter 40

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Clay's P.O.V. 

I drove to Jim's assuming that's where Margret would be. I walked up to the door and knocked. Margret answered it and groaned when she saw me standing there. I walked in and turned a quick 360 to make sure no one was down here. "I did love her..I do love her. But I'm not the type of man to walk out of a marriage. I never wanted to hurt Elana in the process." I tried to explain. "You didn't love her. You liked the attention she gave you. You liked the rush she gave you, but you didn't love her because you don't destroy the people you love." She shouted at me. I looked up past her and saw a wide eyed Elana standing at the bottom of the stairs. "Elana." I breathed. She looked shocked. She looked past me at Margret then back at me. She took a deep breath. "Clay..what are you doing here?" "I.." I started to talk but I was interrupted by that boy I saw Saturday coming down the stairs. I looked from Elana to the  boy and back at Elana. "You know..I think I'm going to let you get back to whatever you were doing." I stated looking away from them.  I spun around and looked at Margret. "Margret." I nodded walking towards the door. I opened it and slammed it going out. I heard her behind me. I stopped and sighed turning around. "What?! What do you want?" I snapped. She looked taken aback but her face turned cold. "What is your deal?!" She asked her voice like ice. I glanced back up at the porch where her friend stood looking confused and a little mad. "Nothing. I'm just leaving so you and your friend can get back to doing what ever you two were doing. " I said just as icy. Realization came over her face and her face hardened. She slapped me. "You don't get to accuse me of anything! You're the reason I'm in this situation. I was planning to spend my life with you, and you took that away from me! You! You broke me and you don't get to judge the way I'm trying to put myself back together." She turned to walk away but stopped and spun around. "And not that it's any of your business, but I haven't slept with Matt." She said her chin quivering. She spun back around and walked to the porch and passed Matt who was trying to comfort her. Jim pulled into the driveway and jumped out of his car. "What's going on?" He asked walking up to me. "I messed up." Was all I told him. He sighed. "What did you do." I looked over at him. "I accused Elana of sleeping with Matt when it's none of my business anyway." Jim groaned beside me. I shot him a sideways glance and raised my eyebrows at his groan. "Are you okay over there?" He shot me a look. "Now ,because of you, I'm going to have to listen to her ranting a raving about you, my bestfriend, for days! You know sometimes I wish you men would get it together!" He complained. I busted out laughing. "So you've turned into one of their sisters?" I asked amused. He shot me a look. "Ha ha very funny." I smiled. "See this is what I miss. Just getting together and having a good time." He shrugged. "Well you messed it up." He smirked while saying it so I knew he was playing. I sighed. "I better go. I'll see you Monday." I said to Jim starting to walk towards my car. "See you Monday man!" He called after me. I threw my hand up and got into my car. I sped off to my house. I groaned when I saw Ashley's car in the driveway. I reluctantly walked in the house.  "Hey Honey!" I heard her greet from the kitchen. I grunted in reply. She came to the kitchen door. "What's wrong?" I just shook my head. "Nothin." I replied going to the fridge and grabbing a beer. "How was work?" She asked following me back to the living room. I scoffed. "Fine. Just fine." She smiled. "I have a surprise for you Monday morning." I shrugged. "Okay."  She sighed. "Clay what is wrong with you?" She asked sitting down beside me. "Nothing. I told you everything is fine. I'm fine." I snapped. She looked hurt but had venom in her words. "Is this the way it's going to be now? You're gonna hate me but stay married to me. For what? Why are you even married to me? Because you make it pretty damn obvious that you don't want to be with me." I got up. I didn't know what to tell her, she was right I didn't want to be with her at all. 

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