Chapter 10

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I sat on the couch between Clay and Mr. Harring waiting for my parents to get home.  Shouldnt they be home by now? Just them they walked through the door. I could tell by her pufffy red and swollen eyes that mom had been crying. She came over and kissed my forehead and hugged me. Dad did the same then went to sit on the loveseat. "How did this happen?" I heard mom talk to Clay in a quiet voice. "Well, Emily Davis found out I was 'that Clay', she wouldnt tell Elana anything, but it made her curious. So when she asked me; while Jim and I were in my room talking about what to do when, If she found out. And then she came in and asked me what was up; why she felt she was being lied to, out of the loop. So thats when we called you. Yall are her parents, its not our place to tell her." He answered back just as quiettly. She sighed. "It was bound to come out sooner or later. We cant lie to her forever. I called Jeff and Tammy. They are going to go get Margret out of school and they should be here any minute." As soon as she said that the door bell rang. I jumped up to grab the door, but was soon pulled back down by Clay. Mom practically ran to the door. "Hey yall." I heard her greet them, but nothing more. Just then Margret Ray,a girl from school, came in with her parents. They all smiled at me and found a seat. Margret and her mother sat in the 2 living room chairs, while her father sat on the loveseat with my dad. I was beyond nervous and scared. "Whats going on here? Someone please tell me something!" "Shh. Hey its okay. Just please calm down. You'll understand soon enough. Just please dont hate me. It was an accident, and I'm so sorry." He whispered in my ear. "What do you mean? Why would I hate you?" But before he could answer my mom came back in and sat down in front of me on the edge of the coffee table. She grabbed my hands and smile at me. Clay wrapped his arm around me.  "Whats going on? Mom?" "Do you know who that is?" She asked pointing a finger at Margret, who smiled at me. "Uhh yeah? Ive went to school with Margret since elementary school." "okay.. Do you know who that is?" She replied nodding towards Mr. Harring. "Yes mom. He's my principal. What does all of this have to do with anything?" She ignored my question. "But you know who Clay is?" I sighed. "Yes. He was only over here like everyday growing up. Him and Adam were together all the time." "Is that all you remember about him?" I tried to think. A memory flashed before my eyes of an ambulance, and arriving at a hospital. Then it was over. "I feel like i should remember someting else, but I cant remember it." Mom breathed deeply fighting back tears. "Hunny, do you remember a girl named Rachel?" I tried so hard to remember, but nothing came to me. I sighed. "No, mom I dont."  Mom took a deep breath a tear rolling down her face. "Rachel Marie Smith, Born March 29, 1997. Died June 05, 2010. Elana, she was you twin sister, and Margret was your bestfriend." I sat there in disbelief  trying to process everything. "Then what happened to her?" Mom looked away and started crying. I looked around at everyone in the room, all of them were crying, even Mr. Harring. After a few minutes mom recomposed herself. "There was an accident. It injured you, and killed your sister." "Well, who was driving?" "Can someone help me up?" It was Jim who spoke. Mr. Ray jumped up and grabbed Jim under his arm and helped him up. He turned to face me. He bent down and grabbed the bottom of his pants leg and rolled it up. I gasped. He had a prosthetic leg from his knee down. "You were driving?" I asked fighting back tears. "No, I was." I heard a voice behind me. I turned and there was Clay. Tears streaming down his face. "Elana, it was an accident. Me and Jim took yall out bowling and to eat. That was when I told you I was leaving for college that next week...We were on our way back to your house. I took my eyes off the road for 2 seconds..." He stopped because he was too tore up to talk. I looked back at Margret who had tears rolling down her face. I motioned for her to come here because I couldnt talk. She came over and sat down where Jim was. I threw my arms around her. "Im so sorry I forgot you. Can we be friends again?" "Id love that", she smiled. I let go of her and looked at my mom. "Why dont I remember anything? How did I forget my bestfriend? And my sister? And who Clay, and Jim was?" She sighed and wouldnt look at me. "You remember when I said you were injured in the crash? Well, you hit your head. You were in a coma for a month; however, when you woke up you wouldnt stop crying and screaming your sister's name. We think its because thats what you did during the wreck." She looked over at my dad and nodded. He got up and went back toawrds their bedroom; he came back with a big scrapbook. He handed it to me. I flipped through it. There were pictures of me and Margret as children. And me and Rachel, she looked just like me but with brown hair. There were pictures of all of us together, and pictures of me and Clay, or of Jim and Rachel. Theres even one of Adam and Margret, shes laughing while hes just watching her smiling. Tears came to my eyes. "This still doesnt explain why my memory is gone." "Well.. we couldnt get you past it, you woke up everynight screaming for Rachel, and you cried all the time, you couldnt accept her passing. Your doctor suggested therapy, so thats where you went. It helped a little, but even your therapist was out of ideas of treatment. He only had one option left...we knew it wasnt fair, that no girl should be stripped of everything, but we didnt know what else to do. So we made the descion to take your memories from you earliest memory of Rachel up until a year after her dealth. You have to understand its the only option we had." My sadness had turned to rage. "What do you mean its the only option you had? You couldnt just let me work out my pain and anguish on my own?! I was 13 for fuck sake! How did you expect me to react to my twin sisters dealth? They werent your memories to take. Because of you I forgot my own bestfriend, and forgot I had a sister! You made me forget Clay and JIm! And had Clay afraid I would remember and hate him! What happened was an accident, but what yall did. Yall did for your own selfish reasons!" I was standing by this point. "How could you do this to me!"

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