Chapter 18

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"He doesn't blame you." I whispered against Clay's head. "He would want to see you Clay. You're his bestfriend..and I want you there with me." I pleaded. He sighed. "What time Do I need to be at Margret's?" I flashed him a smile. "So that's a yes?" He smiled at me and nodded. "That's a yes." my smile grew bigger. "Good! And be there at 5:00pm. We are meeting at my house at 5:30pm." He looked at me worried. "And you're okay with that?" I shrugged. "I mean they are my parents. I guess I'm gonna have to talk to them sometime...they want me to come over Thursday night for supper...come with me?" He nodded. "Yeah."

*Thursday Night*

I sat in my driveway with Clay. I took a deep breath. "You can do this Elana. You can do this." I mumbled to myself. "You ready?" Clay asked. I looked over at him. "As ready as i'll ever be." He took my hand. "You know you don't have to do this..we can leave. We can go order pizzas and go back and watch movies at my house." I shook my head. "No, I have to do this." I got out and Clay followed me. I stood I'm the driveway and just stared at the house I grew up in with my bestfriends and brother and sister. I had forgotten all about Clay being beside me until I felt a hand intertwine with mine. I squeezed his hand and walked up to door. Clay opened the door and I followed him in. My parents sat on the couch. My mom there with her hair fixed perfect like always and my dad there holding mom's hand like it was the only thing keeping them from jumping up and running to me. After a few minutes of then just sitting there I walked over to the love seat with Clay and sat down. "Hey.," I mumbled. "Hey Elana." My mom breathed. "How have you been?" Dad asked. I shrugged. "Fine." He nodded and smiled. "I'm glad." I gave a fake smile. " you ready to go eat?"I nodded and got up with Clay, not letting go of his hand. We walked to the dining room and ate all my favorite foods. Dinner was awkward as expected. We now sat there all finished with dinner and nothing to talk about. I cleared my throat, "This was all really good guys. Thank you." I scooted my chair back and stood up. "Ready to go?" I looked down and asked Clay. He nodded and got up. He wrapped his arm around my waist and walked out. We walked out to my car and Clay opened the passenger side door and told me to get in. I got in and looked at him confused. "I'll be right back. Okay?" I just nodded and put the key in the ignition.

**Clay's P.O.V.**

I walked back up to the door and walked in. "I just have one question. Why? Why did you do this to her?! You know she has to ask me to explain stuff to her that she should remember on her own! She doesn't even remember this!" I said pulling out a wallet sized picture of all of us. "She didn't deserve this. She's been living a lie and just found out about it. And you didn't even apologize for any of this! You know there's a reason she wont have anything to do with you people!" I turned to walk out, but Tim stopped me. "We don't know what to say to her. We don't know how to make this better. How to make it go away." I scoffed. "That's your problem! You don't get it. You can't just pretend this didn't happen. She knows. She's dealing with it the best way she can. It's time you start."I turned to leave. I opened the door and I heard a voice behind me. "I'm glad she has you." I just nodded and walked back to her car and hopped in the drivers seat and left without looking back.

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