Chapter 17

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I stretched and rolled over expecting to find Clay laying beside me, but instead I laid in bed alone. I sighed and got up and went to the bathroom to get ready for school. I groaned. This was going to be a long day. After I got ready I went downstairs to find Margret already down there making coffee and bacon and biscuits. I smiled. "Ready for school?" She shook her head. "Not even a little bit." I nodded. "Me neither...I miss him Mar." I choked out. Letting the tears fall from my eyes. She got me a cup of coffee and came over to where I was and wrapped her arms around me. "I know you do. But you get to see him  today, and we can skip out on study hall and go to his room if you want too.?" I nodded taking the cup of coffee out of her hand. I drank it and ate a biscuit and grabbed my bag. "Ready to go?" I asked Mar. She nodded putting her coffee cup in the sink and grabbed her bag following me out the door to my car. 


We pull up at school and parked beside his beautiful black Corvette. I hopped out and grabbed my bag and waited for Margret to get out. We walked in and I ignored the group of girls trying to get my attention. I didn't have any interest in talking to any of them. I walked to 1st with Margret. Thankfully we have almost all of our classes together. Everyone stared at the sight of me and Margret hanging out. Everyone must know about my situation. Oh great.  I sat in the back of the room with Margret and tried to go unnoticed. Which went very unsuccesful. Becca and Hailey, two girls that used to run around with me and Emily sometimes, came over and sat in the two desks by me. They tried to talk to me, but I kept the conversation very short and formal. I mainly talked to Margret and Sam, one of Margret's  friends. We were in 2nd for about 20 minutes when Jim called and asked if I would come to his office. I laughed as soon as the teacher told me. I quickly tried to recover. "Yes ma'am." I got up and looked at Margret who was smirking herself. "Will you take my bags to study hall?" I looked at her and mouthed 'Clay's room'. She nodded, "Of course." I smiled  and walked out. 


I walked into Jim's room with a smirk on my face. I nudged Clay's head as I walked past him and sat in the chair beside him. He smiled. "Good morning Miss Smith." I nodded. "Mr. Williams."  Jim just shook his head and gave a half smile. "Are you trying to get yourself in trouble Miss Smith?" I acted shocked and offended. "Why Mr. Harring! I'm appalled that you would even think such a thing! What on earth would I be doing to get myself in trouble?" Jim rolled his eyes. "Well Miss Smith, I've had a student.." I interrupted him. "Justin Wilson is 'the student' , but go ahead." He sighed. "As I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted" He gave me a look and I smirked. "Is that a student has reported that they have seen you two together outside of school. Also seen Mr. Williams kiss you, Miss Smith."  I rolled my eyes. "Can I just say for the record that Justin Wilson is an asshole who needs to mind his own buisness. And he can't prove anything. But for the record Jim. We are friends. Yes he kissed me. But I was upset and we are not a couple. I'm staying at Mar's house." He sighed. "Elana, you have to be careful. Here Clay is your teacher. You just need to be careful. He's your teacher, and you're only 17. Now. I'm going to tell him what you said. About the whole he doesn't have any proof. And I'm going to tell him that the school investigated and found no proof or a reason to believe that you are in a relationship with Clay. But I can't keep doing this. I'm going to eventually have to report it if I keep having people come to me." I nodded and looked over at Clay who also nodded. "Am I free to go?" Jim nodded. I smiled and got up and was on my way out when I remembered the thing about Adam. I walked back up to the door and was fixing to walk in, but I heard him talking to Clay about us. "Clay, you know I'm your bestfriend, but I can't keep lying for yall. I know how you feel about her, but your her teacher. And if you want to date her that's great and I'm happy for you. You know I love her like she was my sister. But if you start a relationship with her; you better make sure no one finds out and it stays out of my school. I don't want you to lose your job over this. I don't want her in a mess over this." I heard Clay sigh. "I know. I know she's currently my student, and she's only 17, but you know it's not that simple. You know I love her. You know I've been in love with her for years. Like you and Rachel. You loved her, and if she was here you would probably be together. I'm not trying to hurt you or upset you. I'm just trying to get you to understand. I've tried. I've tried so damn hard to stay away. I tried moving on. I can't. Hell Jim, I got in a fist fight with that punk Justin over her. He tried hurting her. Hurting my Elana, and I wanted to kill him. Jim, asking me to stay away is just too much. I couldn't do it if I tried." I knocked on the door and walked in. "Jim, I um..forgot to mention that Adam was coming home. For a few days anyway... and I thought I should tell you..incase you wanted to all get together. Or something..." He smiled and nodded. "I think that sounds like a good idea. Here's my number. Just text me and tell me whenever we are gonna get together." He said giving me a post-it with his cell number on it. My eyes wandered over to Clay, and I saw he was already staring at me. I gave him a small smile and walked out. Clay followed me out. He grabbed my arm turning me around so I would stop and look at him. "Come to my room for study hall. I've got to go get something, but I'll be in there soon." I nodded. "Okay." Since study hall had already started I just went straight to Clay's room where I found Margret sitting on the table infront of his desk. I smiled as I came in. She looked up and laughed. "Well, look theres trouble! What did Jim say?" I shook my head. "Nothing. He just said that here he's my teacher, and we can't be seen being friendly or flirting in school." She rolled her eyes and half smiled. "Well we just have a few more months in school anyways. It wont be too bad." I shrugged. "I just wish it was different." She was fixing to say something when Clay came through the door. "So when are you coming back to the house? Because I... Oh hey Margret. I didn't know you were in here." I smirked. "Yeah...we kinda hate our study hall teacher, so we figured we'd just come chill in here." He nodded clearly embarrassed. I smirked. "And to answer your a couple of weeks." He nodded. "When is Adam coming home?" I smiled. "Friday. I was thinking of all of us getting together Friday night. Maybe go out on the town for the you think Adam would go for it?" I asked Margret who nodded. "Yeah. I think it would be good for all of us...he misses all of you." I smiled nodding. I turned back to Clay. "So whaat do you say? Come out with us? Please." He gave me a fake smile and nodded. "Okay." 

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