Chapter 52

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"No Clay you are not!" I yelled at Clay who was insisting on quitting his job and selling the house. "I'm not leaving you for 13 freaking years Elana! I don't care about this house or that job! I can live and work anywhere!..I lost you once I wont do it again." His tone softened at the end of the sentence. I instinctively stepped towards him. "Well as long as you don't have any other wives or secrets I think we'll be fine!" I retorted. He looked up at me. "God you just make me so.." He said crashing his lips into mine. I wrapped my arms around his neck. I broke the kiss. "That still doesn't change anything." I said defiantly. He smirked. "Oh really?" He asked tightening his grip around my waist. "Stop I have to pack!" I whined. "Pack later." He mumbled kissing my neck. I moaned but pushed him back. "Babe I have to get ready I've only got a couple of weeks left." He rolled his eyes. I stood on my tip toes so I was at his ear. "Maybe after though, so the sooner I get done the more time I have for sex." I whispered my lips close to his ear. I saw his eyes widen. He looked down at me and I smiled devilishly at him. He smirked and moved his hand and slapped my ass. "Lets get going Smith!" He said with a wink. I rolled my eyes and started packing up boxes. The things a man will do for sex.

*3 hours later*

I lay propped up on the couch kissing Clay when Margret and Adam barged in followed by Jim. Margret giggled and Jim covered his eyes like a child. I just laughed. "Well come on in guys!" I exclaimed sarcastically. "Oh we did." Adam said sitting down. I rolled my eyes and looked over at Clay who had groaned and buried his face in the couch pillow. I laughed. He finally moved and sat up facing our house guests. "You know what you three did? You ruined sex. It was the highlight of my day and now its ruined." He complained. Jim looked like a virgin who had never heard the word sex before. Margret rolled her eyes and Adam laughed at Clay. "Is that all you two do?" Margret asked with fake annoyance. I shook my head and pointed over to Clay and Margret rolled her eyes with smirk. "Yall are ridiculous." I stuck my tongue out at her and she just shook her head. "So what's on the agenda for today?" I asked. "I need help packing." Margret whined. I groaned. "Just because I love you." She hopped up. "Yeah you do." She said dramatically kissing my cheek and pulling me up off the couch

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