Chapter 55

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I woke up in Clay's arms. I smiled and looked down at my ring. I'm so lucky. I stretched and felt a cold breeze. I quickly pulled the covers back over me remembering I was naked. Clay chuckled which made me jump. "Someone a little cold?" He asked amused. "No! I just forgot I was naked." I answered defensively. He smirked and placed a gentle kiss on my lips. "My fiance is so beautiful." I giggled. "You're such a dork." "I am not!" Clay whined. I smirked. I rolled over on to my stomach so I could look out the window by our bed. The view outside was beautiful. It was early fall so the leave were starting to change. I felt a dip in the matress and turn back to look at Clay and he is sitting propped up on his elbow looking out the window. I smile and yurn back to the window. "I don't want you to go." I whispered. "I'm not. I'm staying here." Clay answered. I turned back around shocked a tear falling from my eye. "Are you serious?" I breathed. He smiled and nodded. "But what about your job and the house?" I asked unsure. "I talked to Jim and then to the highschool here and it turns out they were in need of a science teacher. And Jim decided he wasn't staying there without us, so he's the new principal at the elementary school. And you know Adam is coming along too. The house will still be there. We can spend summers there and if we decide to we can move back there when you graduate." I whiped the tears coming from my eyes. "Baby did you really think I would let you leave me for 13 years?" I nodded. He gave a sympathetic laugh. "Baby girl you should've known I wouldn't let you leave me." He said wrapping his arms around me once again. I rested my head aginst his chest. "I love you, you idiot." I said against his chest. He ran his fingers through my hair. "I love you more." I looked up at him and kissed his lips. The kiss quickly started to heat up. He made his way inbetween my legs. I moaned. Suddenly there was a quick knock at my door. When I didn't answer it opened. "Hey El...Oh my god!" Margret screamed. I laughed and Clay rolled off of me and groaned sitting up. "You know I actually thought it would be different here...I guess not." Clay complained. I laughed wrapping the sheet around me. "Ill be out in a minute Mar." She nodded still red faced. I smirked and got up wrapping my silk house coat around me and slipping on some underclothes before going out of my room. I stuck my head back in the door when I saw Clay wasn't following me. "Come on." He groaned amd got up and grabbed his pj pants from the floor and slipped them on. I laced my fingers with Clay's and started down the stairs. We got down to the kitchen and immediately smelt Pancakes. Yum. Jim was getting drinks out of the refrigerator and Adam was cooking. I looked over and Margret was setting the table still a little red faced. I giggled. "You have really got to stop barging in." I said amused. Margrets face reddened. If possible. Adam and Jim looked up at us confused. "We were busy bonding and Margret walked in." Clay explained. Adam smirked and Jim nodded. "Margret don't feel bad. I walked in on them doing it on the couch one time." Jim told her. I laughed at the memory. "That was great." I added. Jim shook his head. "For you maybe. I walked in on my former student and chemistry teacher having sex on the couch. That'll scar a person." I rolled my eyes but continued to laugh. I went over and threw my arms around him. "I'm so excited you're staying." I said with a grin. "Oh I couldn't live without my favorite girls!" I smiled up at him. "Maybe we can find you a girl here." I threw in with a wink. He rolled his eyes. "Way to ruin a sweet moment El." I hit his arm playfully but my face turned serious. "It's time bub." He sighed but nodded. About that time Margret came over and threw her arms around us. "I love my hoodrat friends." She said. I laughed. "I love you too." Adam and Clay came over and turned it into a real group hug. "I'm glad we're all going to be together still." Adam nodded. "Me too." Just then my stomach growled which made everyone laugh. "I think it's time for breakfast." Jim said moving away. I nodded in agreement and followed him to our dining room table. I was just sitting down when my phone rang. I must have left it down here last night. I shrugged and went over to get it. I checked the caller I.D. and sighed answering it. "Hello?" I sighed hearing her voice. "Yes mom. We made it here fine." She was worried about me? Okay sure. "Uhuh you too." I hung up the phone. We're trying to work it out. I still can't say I love you or anything, but atleast we're talking. I walked back into the dining room and sat down. Clay looked up from his plate. "Who was that?" I sighed sitting down. "Mom. She wanted to make sure we made it okay." He nodded. I gave Adam a slight nod when he gave me the 'are you okay' look. I started eating my pancakes. We ate in silence for a while before Margret spoke up. "How about we go out and look around the town today?" Jim and I nodded. "Sounds good to me. I just have to shower and get ready then I'll be good to go." I answered. Clay's head shot up at the chance to make a dirty comment. "And I could just shower with you. Saves time and water. Look at me being all environmental." He said with a smirk. Jim sighed and Adam laughed. Margret turned pink. "No." I lent forward towards him and whispered planting a kiss on his lips. He smirked. "Can't kill me for trying." I rolled my eyes, but couldn't help but smile. "Guys not at the kitchen table!" Jim whined. I laughed and looked over at him. I stuck my tongue out at him and brought Clay's face down to mine attacking his lips. Jim dramatically groaned and I smirked. I broke the kiss getting up. "I'm going to shower. I'll be back." "Good you stink!" Margret called after me. I just shook my head and started up the stairs

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