Chapter 1

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"Elana wake up! Time for school!" my mom called from downstairs. I groaned and rolled over and looked at my clock. It read 6:00, I sighed and rolled out of bed and trudged to the shower. 

After a quick shower I went and did my hair and makeup. I went through my closet and just decided on black skinny jeans and a purple tank top. I went downstairs to have breakfast with my parents, and then off to school.  


I pulled up to the school to find all the girls waiting for me in the parking spot beside mine. In front of the group was my bestfriend Emily smiling from ear to ear. I parked and jumped out and ran to her. "Emily! I missed you! Have I missed anything? Fill me in! I hate missing the first few days of school you just miss everything!" "Elana! Will you shut up for 2 seconds and let me talk?!" I smiled and hooked my arms in hers and started walking towards the door. "Well, spill." As soon as we started walking towards the doors a Black Corvette came flying in infront of us and parked in the spot beside my car. Out of that car came the sexiest man i'd ever seen. I gasped, "Emily? Who is that" I looked over at Emily who was gawking at him. I snapped my fingers infront of her face, "Emily. Emily. Snap out of it!" She shook her head and looked over at me "I'm sorry what?" I groaned, "Just nevermind." and walked off to go find Justin. "Elana wait! Come back!" I turned around for half a second to look back at her and ran right into what felt like a brick wall. "Ow! What the hell?!" I turned to look at whatever id just ran into and saw the most beautiful pair of eyes staring back at me. "Oh. Um, my bad. Sorry." I stampered trying to get all of my papers and books back together and not stare at him. He smirked and jumped up reaching his hand out for mine to help me get up. "Oh no problem." He winked. I blushed and bent over to grab my stuff but he beat me to it and bent down and grabbed them all and hand them to me. He leaned in and whispered, "Maybe you should be more careful and watch where you are going next time." He smirked and walked away, my face a shade of pink. Elana! You have a boyfriend Stop It! You love Justin! I sighed as Emily came running up a look of envy on her face. "Elana are you okay? "  I ignored her question, "Who the hell is that guy?"  "Oh that guy? She said pointing to the door where that sexy guy disappeard. "Thats Clay Williams. Our new Chemistry teacher." I groaned. This is going to be a great senior year...

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