Chapter 32

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I walked into the school for the first time since that day. I walked in side by side with Mar. I'm glad she's here for me. I smiled. She looked at me and smirked. "What?" I shook my head and wrapped my arm around her. "I'm glad I have you." She smiled at me wrapping her arm around me. "I'm glad I get to be here for you." We walked arm in arm to our 1st class. Our first three classes went by quickly. I was walking to 4th with Margret; My dread growing. I walked in and he saw me and smiled. I sent him a small smile and headed to the back of the room with Margret. Clay kept trying to catch my eye but I wouldn't look in his direction. I focused on the front board and whispering to Margret. "He keeps trying to get you to look at him." Margret whispered. I looked over at her and sighed. "I know. This is hard. To be in here." I answered her. "Do you want to share with the class Miss Smith?" Clay's voice boomed. I rolled my eyes and turned back to face the front board. "No Sir." I answered writing down what he had wrote on the board. "See me after class please." I internally groaned. "Yes Sir." I glanced over at Margret who looked about how I felt. She pulled out a piece of paper and wrote something down. She held it up so I could read it. On it in bold letters was 'He's such an Ass' I put my face down to stifle a laugh. "What's so funny Miss Smith?" Clay asked me from the front of the room. I just shook my head. He looked over and saw Mar folding up the piece of paper giggling. "Do you want to share that with the class Miss Ray?" She laughed and shook her head. "I don't think you want me to do that Mr Williams." I laughed and tried to stop, but I couldn't. Clay trying to keep his teacher persona came back to our table and held out his hand. Margret Smirked and placed the note in his hand. He unfolded it and read it aloud without realizing what he was reading. "He's such an Ass." His eyes widened in surprise and the class erupted in laughter. "Miss Ray detention for a week!" He hollered. By now I had tears rolling down my face from laughing so hard. He shot me a look and I tried to stop laughing. The bell rang and the class emptied pretty quickly. I groaned remembering I had to stay behind. Margret smiled sympathetically at me before walking out into the hall. I sat on the table in front of his desk. He looked up at me and sighed. "How am I supposed to get the rest of the class to respect me and mind if you two don't show me any?" He asked. I shrugged. At my lack of talking and eye contact he moved so he was sitting directly in front of me. "Elana I know I'm the last person you want to be talking right now." I scoffed. "Actually no. That's your wife, but shes already talked to me, so go ahead. Talk away." He looked at me confused. "When did Ashley talk to you?" "Saturday. She came to Jim's house." He looked upset. "Oh.. I'm sorry." I just shrugged. "It's fine whatever. I'm fine." I sent him a fake smile. He looked hurt by my reaction. "Is that all you wanted?" I asked him getting kinda irritated with this whole thing. He looked taken back. "Uh yeah.." He stammered. I nodded and got up, threw my bag on my shoulder, and walked out the door and right into Margret who was standing in the hall waiting for me. I grabbed her arm and walked straight out the door. "I'm done with today." I explained walking to my car. "Wait! I have detention today with Mr Williams!" I rolled my eyes. "I'm currently living with the principal. I'll get you out of it." She smirked and hopped in my car. "Then off to the mall we go!" I laughed and jumped in the drivers seat and drove past Clay who looked at me with disbelief and disapproval in his eyes. Margret saw him and threw her head back laughing. "He's gonna kill us one day!" She exclaimed. "I don't care!" I exclaimed turning the radio up.

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