Chapter 51

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* 6 Weeks later *

I sat on the couch with Margret and Clay. My head on Clay's shoulder. I looked around at all the packed boxes and my sadness grew. In 2 weeks me and Margret would be taking our lives and moving to Baltimore. I will be spending the next 13 years becoming a surgeon, and Margret will spend the next 10 years in school to become a veterinarian. Clay is going to remain here. He wanted to quit and come with me, but I wouldn't let him quit his job. No matter how bad I wanted him to come with me. "I'm not ready for this." I breathed out. Margret took a deep breath and she got up and moved over to Adam and sat in his lap and rested her head against his. Clay kissed the top of my head. "You are gonna go off and learn how to be a kick ass surgeon and then you are gonna come home to me and we are going to have our happily ever after okay?" I nodded. "Okay." "I love you." He said pulling me closer to him. "I love you more." I replied turning to face him and pull his lips to mine. He smiled and kissed me back. I heard a throat clear behind me. "Hey, uhh guys. We've got to go to dinner in 30 minutes so lets keep it PG." Adam said from behind me. I groaned and reluctantly broke the kiss. Clay smirked. "Do we have to go to dinner?" I whined. Clay nodded. "El you're leaving in 2 weeks and they are your parents." I sighed. "Dont remind me." He gave me a sympathetic smile and cupped my cheek. He planted a kiss on my nose and each cheek before pecking my mouth. I closed my eyes enjoying this short time of peace. I opened my eyes back up and he was smiling at me. I smiled back and laced my fingers with his. He brought our hands up and he kissed mine. I sat there with him for 20 more minutes before reluctantly getting up off the couch pulling him up with me. "We'll be ready in 10 minutes." I called over my shoulder walking up the stairs pulling Clay behind me. "Im coming up them stairs in 10 minutes and everybody better have clothes on!" Margret called after me. I giggled and rolled my eyea but knew she was being completely serious. We got to Clay's room and I pulled him in and shut the door pushing him against it. My lips met his hungrily. I was hungry yes, but not for food. Clay met my lips with just as much intensity. Our tongues fought for dominance before he finally won. After a few minutes we broke apart both breathing heavy. He smirked. "If you keep doing that, we wont ever make it to supper." I smiled and turned to go to the closet that now housed both mine and his clothes. I picked out an outfit and came back out and laid them out on the bed. Knowing he was watching I started taking off my clothes. I stripped down to my black lacy panties and matching bra before walking into the bathroom to brush out my hair. I walked back out and started to put on my clothes. I was fully dressed before I looked up and met his lust filled gaze. I smirked and moved away when he came towards me. "No sir. We have to get ready." He growled and I laughed. I planted a quick kiss on his lips before walking towards the door. I was almost there when a pair of pants,flew past my head and hit the door in front of me. I whirled around to look at him and he smiled. I shook my head and opened the door just as Margret was fixing to open it. "I dont think you want to go in there." I warned shutting the door behind me. She rolled her eyes with a smile. "We didnt do anything!" I defended. She smirked. "Mhm" I rolled my eyes. Clay came out the door and wrapped his arms around me. "You will pay for that later ma'am" he breathed in my ear. His hot breath against my skin made an involuntary moan escape my lips. Margret laughed bringing me back to life. I turned red. "Guys lets go!" Adam hollered from down stairs. "Come on love birds." Margret called starting down the stairs. I followed Margret. Clay caught up and laced our hands together. We walked hand and hand out to my car where we all rode over to mine and Adam's parents

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