Chapter 16

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I walked into the coffee shop and ordered and sat down across from her with my iced coffee. "Hey, sorry im late. Had a bad morning." She smiled. "It's totally fine, I get it. You've had your whole world shattered. You don't have to pretend to be fine around me. I know you're not." I smiled. "I'm glad someone understands that. I mean Clay tries, but he can only do so much. you know?" She smirked. "He'd do anything for you. You do realize that dont you? He's crazy about you. He has been for years." I grinned. "I'm crazy about him, but I can't...I wont mess up his teaching career. I wont let him get in trouble for me...So I heard you and Adam have a romance going?" I asked trying to change the subject. She blushed. "He's pretty great...It's not weird or awkward for you is it?" I shook my head. "Are you crazy? No it doesn't bother me! I'm happy for the two of you...How is he?" Her smile faded a bit. "He's doing's just hard for him to come here and her not be here you know?" I nodded, "I actually do get it now...Next time you see him, will you tell him I need to see him? Don't tell him I know. I want to tell him that." She nodded and gave me a small smile. "Of course I will. I'll call him tonight and tell him you need to see him and talk to him." I smiled. "Thank you." We sat there in silence for a few minutes before I broke the silence. "How did you do it? I mean how did you spend all these years having to pretend like we weren't bestfriends?" She just shook her head. "It wasn't easy. Believe me." I nodded. "So, what have I missed?" She took a deep breath smiling. "Well quite a bit. I was in therapy up until a year and a half ago..Clay  blames himself..still. Even after years of therapy. Adam doesn't blame Clay; it's just too much. Jim went through years of therapy, I think he still has nightmares about that night, and her..he loved her you know? Clay left for college, but he said he had to come back. He was affraid at first to come around you, to be near you. Affriad you'd remember and blame him, and hate him... he said he just couldn't stay away though. That he had to be here for you. I don't think he will see Adam, and barely talks to him. He's affraid Adam deep down hates him and blames him for his little sister's death. Adam of course doesn't, but Clay hates himself enough already. I'm glad your staying with him. He needs you.." I shook my head. "I think it's me who needs him. I couldn't do it without him. he' s my rock.." She smiled. "You love him don't you?" I nodded tears coming to my eyes. "Very much.." "Regardless if he's your teacher or not, yall belong together." I smiled. "Kinda like you and Adam. How long have yall been together?" She grinned. "A year and 5 months. I go up there on the weekends sometimes..and he, um.." "Comes down to see you some weekends." I finished for her. "It's okay Margret, I understand why he can't come around. I don't wanna be around here either. I'm not even staying at my own house anymore, and I wouldn't even talk to my parents when I went over there this morning." I said a tear rolling down my cheek.  "And stupid Justin and Emily knew the entire time. And he's jealous of Clay, which is pointless because honestly he doesn't compare to Clay. No one does. And Emily tells Justin like he has some right to know. He has no right to know anything about me. Neither of them do. They knew...the whole time. And they let me live a lie." My voice cracked at the last part. Margret got up and pulled me up with her. "Come on. Lets go." "No! I'm fine!" I objected. "Just get up." She ordered pulling me up. I followed her out to her car. "Wait. What about my car?" She just shrugged. "I'll take care of it. Just get in." I sighed and got in the passenger side of her car. She stood outside the car and called somebody and then texted someone before getting in. She started the car and headed towards Clay's house where he was waiting outside. I looked over at Margret confused. She just got out and went over to Clay who came to my side of the car and made me get out of the car. "Come on." I sighed and got out and followed them in the house. "Guys, i'm really not in the mood for this." "Sweety, you need this." Margret answered me. I sighed. "Will you atleast tell me whats going on." I pleaded looking at Clay. "There's two people coming over here that you need to talk to and tell them how you feel." He answered this time. I shrugged and sat down on the couch. About 15 minutes later Emily and Justin came through the door. They came in and sat down and I scoffed and rolled my eyes. A throat cleared behind me and i heard Margret say, "We're gonna go get your car. We'll be back in a few." I jumped up and followed them to the door. "Are you serious right now?" Clay nodded. "You need to do this. You can do this.I'll be back in a few minutes." I groaned. I hugged Margret and then went over to clay who was still in the living room door and pulled him into a hug. He kissed my forehead and I heard a groan behind me and a voice complaining. I glared at him. "I didn't ask you to be here! You are the very last person on the last page of a list of people I want to see! Get over yourself. I do not need you!" I had forgot Clay was standing in front of me. He grabbed my face and planted a soft kiss on my lips. "Hey, calm down. It's okay. Just talk to them. I'm going with Mar to get your car and we'll be right back. Remember they were your friends too. Just tell them how you feel. No one is making you be with him or be their friend. I have my phone if you need me. Be back soon. Okay?" I sighed. "Okay."  I watched them walk out the door and I looked back over to the living room where Justin and Emily were sitting. I just shook my head and laughed and walked into the kitchen. Emily followed me. "Look. It's not my fault your sister died or your parents made you forget her. So don't act like I did this. You need to get over yourself. That guy out there. He cares about you. I care about you. Whether you like it or not we were an important part of your life. It wasn't our place to tell you about Rachel. So get over yourself. You need to get over this so we can get on with our lives." I turned around and slapped her and walked over to the door and slung it open. "Get out. Both of you get out of this house now!" Emily stomped out but Justin didn't move. He stayed sitting on the couch. "Justin get out. Leave now." He looked over at me and laughed. "I'm not going anywhere. This isn't your house to kick me out of. So how about you come over here and sit down with me." I laughed. "Yeah right. I'm not going anywhere near you. You need to leave." He got up and walked to where I was standing in the living room door and pinned me up against the wall trying to kiss me. "Stop." I pushed him away, but he just came back and tried to kiss me again. "Please stop..please" I begged him. "I think she told you to stop." I heard a voice behind me. Justin smirked and rolled his eyes. "Well, I guess the boss has spoken." He said sarcastically and started to back away. He laughed and swung and hit Clay in the nose. "Justin stop! Go home!" I screamed at him. The next thing I knew Justin was on the floor with Clay on top of him and Clay was hitting him in the face. "Stop it both of you! Clay! Stop!" Margret ran up to the front door. "What in the hell is going on?!" "Justin hit Clay in the nose and then the next thing I know Clay has got Justin on the ground." She rolled her eyes and bent down trying to get Clay to stop. I bent down on the other side and grabbed his chin in my hand so he had to look at me. "Clay, stop. Clay, that's enough." He stopped hitting him and let him go. I pulled him up with me and took him into the kitchen to the sink. I wet a Paper towel and pressed it gently against his nose. He winced. "Sorry." I mumbled and tried to be more gentle. I wiped the blood off and saw it was already starting to bruise. I gave him a clean one to put on it to make sure it didn't bleed anymore while I looked at his hand. Most of the blood was Justin's, and he only had two bloody knuckles. I sighed. "Your hand looks okay, but I'm worried about your need to go have it checked out...Clay you've got to control your temper." I mumbled the last part. "I'll be fine." I looked at him. "You're going to the hospital for your nose. No question about it. Your going."  He sighed. "Fine. But you're going with me." I smiled. "Of course." I left Clay in the kitchen and went out to the hall where Justin was laying  sprawled out on the floor. He had a busted lip, and a black eye. I went and got a wet paper towel and gave it to Margret to whipe the blood off his lip, because I couldn't touch him. She whiped the blood off his face and he woke up. He slowly sat up and looked at me. "Tell your friend I'm pressing charges." I raised my eyebrows at him. "Oh really? And how do you figure that?" He shruged. "He's a teacher. And he attacked me." I shook my head. "And your and 18 year old who threw the first punch. And you attempted to sexually assault a 17 year old girl." He shook his head. "You have no proof." I smiled. "But neither do you. It would be my word against yours.  And who do you think the judge would believe me, a 17 year old girl, or you, an 18 year old boy who broke another man's nose." After a few minutes without him saying anything I went on. "So you will keep your mouth shut, or I will go to the police and press charges against you. Understand?" "Whatever." He got up and walked out the door to his car. I turned around and saw a smiling Clay standing in the kitchen doorway. "I don't trust him. So i'd be expecting a call from Jim Monday morning. So tomorrow if Margret doesn't care I may come crash at her place until this all blows over." He started to disagree, but I stopped him. "I won't let you lose your jon over this. Over me. So tomorrow I'll go stay with someone until this dies down. It'll all be okay. I'll still see you at school everyday. I'll just be sleeping somewhere else." I turned to face Margret. "Can I crash at your place?" She smiled and nodded. "Totally. Mom and dad are out of town until next week, so I have the whole house to myself. They just may ask questions when they get back, and they'll probably tell your parents that your there..." I shrugged. "I'll just deal with them when the time comes. Tomorrow morning I'm gonna go over there early to grab my school stuff and some more clothes, then I'll be over there." She nodded and smiled. "So, you ready to go to the hospital?" I asked. Clay shrugged and went out to my car. I gave a half smile to Margret and followed her out the door. Leaving this house is going to be harder than I thought.

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