Chapter 5

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I sat there in confusion. How in the world did he find out where I lived? And where does he live? He said it's not far from my house. Why had I never seen him before? Then it hit me. "Oh. My. God." Clay Williams! Of course. The name didn't register until now! An image of a little girl with dark brown eyes and hair so blonde it was almost white watching her brother and his friend playing outside. This was that Clay! Who had been my brothers bestfriend, and my childhood crush! He had changed so much since I last saw him that I never even guessed it could have been him. I remember hugging that scared teenage boy the day he left for college. Back growing up he was the quiet kid, who had glasses, and braces. He came back a totally different guy! Oh he's getting it tomorrow for not telling me!


I woke up earlier and got ready and dashed out the door. I jumped in my car and drove down to his house. I bolted up to his door and beat on it until he opened it. He was smirking. " I had a feeling you would show up here this morning." "It's you! I remember you now! Youve changed so much I didn't even recognize you! Why didn't you say anything?" I wrapped my arms around him. Man did he smell good! "I missed you!" He chuckled returning my hug. "More fun this way. I was wondering how long it would take you to realize who I was. And yeah. I've changed alot. In college I discovered myself. I found my voice, and joined the football team. I ended up starting my very first game." I heard a throat clear behind us. I unhooked myself from Clay to see who it was. There she was, his precious girlfriend. Glaring daggers at me.

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