Chapter 35

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Me: I will be at the coffee shop on 5th avenue tonight at 7. If you signed the papers come join me...if you don't show I know where we stand.

I read the text message I sent Clay a thousand times before finally hitting send. I took a deep breath and put my phone up. Just keep breathing Elana everything will be fine. It'll all work out. I smiled up at Margret as she came out of the kitchen and plopped down beside me on the couch. "I texted him." She looked at me with raised eye brows. "What did you say?" I pulled out my phone and showed her the text. She read it and nodded. "Are you nervous?" I nodded. "A little bit yeah." She wrapped her arm around my shoulders and I laid my head against her shoulders. "Life sucks." She let out a sigh. "Yeah it does." We sat there just sitting for a while. "So how are you and Adam? I feel like ever since this whole Clay thing I've been so disconnected." She smiled. "We're doing great. He's great. He's been helping me with college stuff." I smiled. Finally some happy news. "Do you know where you want to go yet?" I asked her remembering we haven't talked about college. "Yeah. I've been looking at the University of Baltimore." I sat up and looked at her with excitement. "Baltimore as in Baltimore Maryland?!" She nodded confused. "Yeah..why?" I smiled. "I've been talking to John-Hopkins University!" She grinned. "We'd still get to be near each other!" She squealed. I nodded vigorously. She pulled me into a hug. "I'm so excited!" She exclaimed. "Me too!"

We spent all afternoon talking about college and things we would do in Baltimore. It was a great afternoon not having to worry about Clay or the whole situation. I looked over at the clock and my nervousness grew. I'd have to be there in 30 minutes and find out what the future held for me and Clay. I looked over at Margret who smiled at me reassuringly. "It'll all work out Elana, I believe it." I smiled back at her still a little worried. She came back to the spare bedroom I was currently calling my room and helped me pick out clothes. I put them on and brushed out my hair before grabbing my purse, keys, and phone and hugged Margret and walked out the door to my car.


I walked into the coffee shop and sat down at a table after ordering my usual, a coffee and a muffin. Ryan the owner brought out my drink and muffin. I smiled at him as he came over. "Hey Elana. How's it going?" He greeting setting down my stuff and sitting in the booth across from me. "Hey Ryan. Tonight's the big night." I told him taking a sip of my coffee. "What's happening tonight?" He asked. I put down my coffee. "Tonight is either going to make my relationship or break my relationship with Clay." Yes. He knows about Clay. He just doesn't know he's my teacher. He raised his eye brows. "Oh. Wow. Okay. Well good luck sweet heart." I smiled at him as he got up. "Thank you." He nodded smiling before walking back to the counter. I sat there and waited. The feeling of dread growing as each minute passed. I looked up at the clock and saw it was 8 o'clock. I had finished my coffee and had picked at my muffin. By 9 o'clock my muffin was now crumbs and the coffee shop was emptying out. I looked over at Ryan who gave me an apologetic smile. I wiped a stray tear off of my cheek before getting up. I gave Ryan a wave and got into my car and drove home.

Clay's P.O.V.

I had to go talk to El. I needed to explain. I rushed to the coffee shop and ran in. I looked around, but didn't see her. "You're late man." I heard a voice. I looked over to see Ryan closing up the register. I took a deep breath running my hand through my hair. I'm too late.

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