Chapter 22

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We loaded lunch and cokes and beer into the cooler and sat in the living room waiting for the guys to get back. We sat there for about 15 minutes before they busted through the door. They were all in swimming trunks and t-shirts. I saw Clay watch me as I got up and remembered I was wearing my short shorts and a crop top. I smirked and grabbed the towels taking them out to the truck. "Do you always have to look this good? It's very distracting." I heard in my ear and felt breath on my neck. I blushed. "Mr. Williams this is inappropriate." I put the towels down and turned to face him. "I guess you could saw I'm an inappropriate person, Miss Smith." I blushed and just rolled my eyes and went back in the house. Mar saw my come back in and gave me a knowing look. I just shook my head and tried not to smile. After a few minutes Adam and Jim grabbed the cooler and carried it out to the truck. Me and Mar followed them and climbed in the back. I sat in the middle and Clay climbed in beside me and smirked at the look on my face. We loaded up and headed out. The ride was mostly silent except for the occasional singing from me or Margret. I looked over at Clay who smiled like an idiot and made me grin. Our legs rested comfortably against each others. His hand rested on my thigh. I looked down at his hand and smiled before looking up and meeting Jim's gaze through the rear-view mirror. He smirked at me before looking back at the road. "How much longer?!" I asked sounding like a little kid. "Just a few more minutes. Keep your pants on." Jim answered. "You know the last part was just a suggestion." Clay whispered. Which caused me to blush and laughter come from Margret and Adam who had turned around to look at us. Clay just smirked and looked out the window. I sat and listened to Adam and Mar talk until we got there. I jumped out and grabbed the towels and followed Clay, Adam, and Margret to the boat. I got in and Margret followed me while Clay and Adam grabbed the cooler. Clay got in and went to the drivers seat while Adam went down to the loading dock and Jim turned the truck around so he could back the trailer and boat into the water.


We sat out in the middle of the lake on the boat eating and having a good time. I had just finished eating and was sitting on the edge of the boat with my feet dangling off in the water. Jim and Adam jumped in and Margret came and sat down beside me. She took her shirt off exposing her back and shoulders. She handed me a bottle of sunscreen and I started rubbing it in. Once I was finished I took my top off and she did the same thing to me. I threw my shirt onto one of the seats on the boat and put my sunglasses on. "We should do this everyday." I said smiling at Adam and Jim in the water. Margret nodded in agreement. "Where is Clay?" I asked after realizing he wasn't around. Jim looked up at something behind me and smirked. I turned around to find him standing above me. Before I could react I was being picked up and thrown into the lake. I came out of the water and glared at a laughing Clay and Margret. Margret didn't get to laugh long before Adam swam over and pulled her off of the back of the boat. I laughed when she came out of the water and smacked his arm. I swam over to Jim when Clay jumped in the water and started swimming over to me. "Protect me Jim!" I screamed as I hid behind him. He chuckled and pulled me up so I was on his back. He swam away towards the boat and got in it bringing me up with him. I looked down at Clay and stuck my tongue out at him which caused him to pout like a little kid and Margret to laugh at his facial expression. Margret swan to the side of the boat and I reached my hand down to grab hers and pull her up. Before she had a chance to grab my hand Adam did and pulled me into the water head first causing Clay to laugh hysterically. He swam over and wrapped his arms around my waist. "Thanks bro." I said sarcastically shooting a look at Adam who just grinned at me. "That's what you get for leaving me." Clay threw in. I just rolled my eyes and smirked. I tried to swim away towards Margret but Clay wouldn't let me go. I sighed and he smiled. "Mr. Harring! Tell your employee to let go of me!" I whined to Jim who smirked and ran and jumped off the side of the boat on Clay. Clay has a great grip because he didn't let go of me which caused me to go under with these two baboons. I came up out of the water and pried Clay's hands off from around my waist and swam over to where Margret and Adam were. I turned and saw Clay and Jim wrestling And Clay losing. I laughed and Clay glared at me. I stuck my tongue out at him and sat on the back of the boat. Clay swam over and pushed my legs apart so he was in front of me between my legs. "Marry me." I sat there and looked at him in disbelief. "What?? Clay, I told you. I cant... I won't do this to you. I'm not even 18 yet. This is crazy." He looked up at me. "Promise me when you're 18 and done with this whole I can't date you because you're my teacher thing, marry me." I smiled down at him. "Okay." He grinned. "Okay what?" I smirked at him. "Okay I'll marry you. Clay Williams I promise when I'm 18 and we don't have to worry about this whole you're my teacher thing. I'll marry you." He grabbed my face in his hands. "Promise?" I smiled and wrapped my arms around his neck. "I Promise." I whispered resting my forehead against his. He smiled widened and he planted a kiss onew my lips. We were broke apart by the "awhs" behind us. I sighed and looked up at Jim, Adam , and Margret over Clay's shoulder. They all smiled at me and I rolled my eyes.


We spent the rest of the afternoon out either swimming or sun tanning on the boat. The day was great. I wish I could spend everyday like this.


I sat in one of the chairs by Jim while everyone else was in the water. "You know he really is crazy about you." I looked over at Jim and then out at Clay who waved at me and smiled. "All I know is I'm really crazy about him...I hate to make him wait for me though. " He shook his head. "Elana, he's waited 5 years for you. He'd wait forever if he had to." Tears came to my eyes. I turned to look back at Jim. "Jim I'm asking you to be my friend right now and not my principal. I want you to be his friend and pretend you don't see what you're fixing to see." He look at me with a confused expression but nodded anyways. I looked out at Clay in the lake laughing and laughed and cried. I ran to the end of the boat and jumped off into the lake and swam to him and threw my arms around him. I caught him off guard but he caught me. He saw the tears in my eyes. "Elana what's wrong? Are you okay?" I nodded. "I just..I'm in love with you Clay Williams, and I don't wanna do this anymore. I can't pretend like I'm not so in love with you it hurts." I planted my lips on his. I wrapped my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist. He broke away from the kiss first. "Are you sure this is what you want?" He breathed. I Smiled. "I'm not sure of anything, other than I want you." He smiled and moved over to the boat still holding in to me. I let go of him and climbed up on the boat and he followed me. He went over to Jim who stood up and smiled at him. "I'm not asking you to lie for me man. So fire me if you have to, but I chose Elana. I'd chose her over everything." Jim shook his head. "I won't fire you. I'm happy you two finally got together. Nothing will be said unless a teacher or someone else comes to me. I'm happy for you man." He said pulling him in for a bro hug. Jim turned to me and hugged me. "I'm glad you finally caved in." He whispered and laughed. "Me too." I laughed. I let go of Jim and Clay turned to me and I ran into his arms and he caught me and spun me around. I Giggled and kissed him again. He stopped spinning me around. "This girl loves me!!" He screamed at the top of his lungs. I laughed and turned around so I was facing him. He looked at me and grinned. I planted my lips on his and just relaxed in his arms.

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