Chapter 54

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* 1 week later *
I walked into the house me and Margret would be renting. I squeezed Clay's hand a single tear rolling down my cheek. Clay bent down kissing away the tear. All of our stuff had been packed and sent up here and dropped off and unpacked by movers. Clay was spending the first few days here with us. I looked around the house and gave a small smile. "It's beautiful baby." Clay said kissing the side of my head. I nodded. I looked over at Margret who was standing there in Adam's arms. I sighed. "Hey I've got to go to the store and stuff. Do you need anything?" Clay asked. I shook my head. He gave a slight nod. "Hey mind if I ride with you?" Adam asked. Clay nodded. "Yeah come on...I'm cooking supper tonight so don't eat anything." Clay said at me and Margret turning to walk out the door. I groaned. "Maybe we should ask them to stay." I mumbled. Margret agreed. We sat on the couch for a while. After about two hours I started to get worried. "Did they get lost or something?" I asked. Margret rolled her eyes with an amused smirk.
At about 5 o'clock Margret decided we needed to go get ready for supper so we went to tge second floor to our bedrooms. I walked into mine and saw a purple gift box laying on my bed. I walked over and opened the card laying on top of it.
My dearest Elana,
Wear this and check your closet. In there is a purple gift bag. Wear what's in there too. After you're ready come downstairs.
Forever yours,
I smiled and opened the box. Inside was a beautiful red satin strapless dress and matching red heels. I grinned. Clay you are the sweetest man ever. Before putting on my new dress I walked over to my closet saw a small purple gift bag sitting in the bottom of my closet. I took it bavk over to my bed before opening it. Inside was black lingerie. My cheeks turned pink. That naughty boy. I started to undress and put on my new lingerie and then my dress before doing my hair and makeup. I was finally ready by 7. I made my way down stairs and came face to face with Margret who was standing there in a beautiful blue dress. She smiled evily at me. "Find your bag in the closet?" I looked at her shocked. "You knew?" She nodded. "Who do you think went and helped pick it out?" My face turned red. She smirked. I looked around and looked behind her. She smiled. "Right this way Miss Smith." She instructed and started walking towards the back door. I followed her. We got to the door and Adam opened the back door. I stepped through it. I looked around and my eyes stopped on Clay. He was on the patio down on one knee. I burst into tears. Margret came up behind me and grabbed my hand. "Do you wanna go over there?" She asked softly. I nodded between tears. I walked forward and towards Clay. As I got closer I heard the soft music playing. The patio was decorated in rose petals and he had the table covered in a pastel pink table cloth and had pasta and salad set out on it with a bottle of wine sitting on ice. Clay's voice brought me back. "Elana Claire Smith I love you more than life itself. Baby girl everything in me that is good is you. I want to spend my life with you. I want to wake up beside you and fall asleep beside you. I'd love for you to give me the honor of being my wife." I really was crying now. I nodded and pulled him up smashing my lips into his. He wrapped his arms around me and picked me up and spun me around. He set me down and slid the wring on my finger. I looked down and admired it. Adam and Margret came over to congratulate us. I threw my arms around Adam. "I'm happy for you baby sis." Thank you." I said with a grin. "You're getting married!" Mar squealed. "I'm getting married!" I squealed back. She wrapped me in her arms and we jumped around. Suddenly Jim came out of the shadows with a camera in his hand. I ran up to him and threw my arms around him. "Congratulations sweet girl." "Thank you." I said crying tears of joy into is shoulder. "I got pictures." Jim said. I smiled. "Really?" He chuckled. "Really." I grinned and turned back to Clay. "Would you like to eat my beautiful fiance?" I nodded. I walked towards Clay and sat down at the table. I heard the other 3 go back inside. I looked up at Clay and then down at my ring andblent across the table and locked my lips with his.

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