Chapter 26

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I woke up to my phone ringing; I turned over and saw it was Margret. I sighed and answered it. "Hello?" "Elana you have got to talk to Clay. He's a mess. He really does" I cut her off. I'm not in the mood to hear this. "Margret save it. I don't wanna talk about it. There's nothing left to say." I heard her sigh. "Can me and you talk atleast?" I nodded, but then remembered I was on the phone. "Yeah. I'm at Embassy Suites, room 203." "Okay. Be there in fifteen." I sighed and hung up the phone sitting up. I grabbed some clean clothes and walked to the bathroom to take a shower.


I opened the door and let Margret in. She hugged me. "How are you doing sweety?" I shrugged. "As good as I can be I guess." She rubbed my arm. "I know." I walked over to the couch and she followed me and sat down. "How is he?" I croaked out. She gave a half smile. "He's a total wreck. He just wants to talk to you and explain everything." I shook my head. "But there's nothing to explain! I was a totally different person for four years, he moved on. I don't blame him for it." She just sighed. We sat in silence for a few minutes. "Are they mad at me?" I asked. "Who?" "The boys." I answered my voice cracking. She wrapped her arms around me. "Oh, honey no. They're not mad at you." I just nodded and laid my head on her shoulder. "So Justin and Emily are dating." I said after a few minutes. Margret moved so she could look at me with a shocked expression. "Yeah. That was my reaction too." She just shook her head.


"Well I'll see you Friday. I think I'm gonna stay home one more day. You know so I can rest and try to figure everything out." Margret nodded and walked towards the door. "I'll see you Friday. I love you." I followed her to the door and hugged her. "I love you too." I shut the door behind her and went over to the bed and crawled in it.

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