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Rhaenesa's pov
I'm handed back my son and smile seeing him...he looks perfect. Absolutely perfect. I touch his cheek gently kissing his forehead. "He needs a name my love" Harwin speaks. I say "what do you have in mind" daemon says "I think you should hand him over so you can get rest, and we can get a proper look at our son" reaching and I move away handing the babe to Harwin "my love" he says. "You were okay with him dying daemon. You were going to ignore my wishes to do so..." I list upset still.

"You could've died...and...there would've been other babes but there'll never be another you Nesa. I love you and I love him. Do you think making that choice was easy" he says grabbing my hand I tell him "it wasn't your choice. Harwin let me make the choice why couldn't you? He loves me too and yet he respected my wishes. That and you said you would've blamed him and been unable to love our child because of my choice daemon" "I didn't mean it. The pain at the thought of losing you killed me." He tells me. "You meant it and I could tell daemon" I say.

"It was a choice we didn't end up having to make" he sighs. "You ignored my choice daemon, you'd have let our babe die because 'we can make more' do you think I'd have wanted to live with that? The fact that you ignored my choice and okayed our babe dying? I wouldn't have daemon. Not without him." I sigh looking at Harwin with our son. "What about us then Rhaenesa? You'd have left us broken men. Unable to love again and with a son thatd do nothing but remind us of you and pain us deeply. There is no us without you. we'd have done our best with him but...he needs his mother. We might not have meant to do so but...our grief would control us and how we treat him...or just make us love him more. But we need you Nesa. I should've listened to your wishes but I can't bare the thought of not having you here. I want to meet our son. Please" he replies.

Harwin looks to me and I nod. I hand our babe to daemon. I ask "names?" They both say "Haelor" what? A tear falls at the thought. "Do you not want to name him that?" Daemon asks. Looking at me after taking in our son. I nod "I do...but I want you to want it too" they kiss each temple of mine and says "we want to" I grin "Haelor the second."

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