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Daemons pov
Here I am with my head between her thighs tasting her cunt that I missed so much. She's a moaning and shaking mess. I've already made her cum 5 times on my tongue and fingers. Life has been hell without her. My hand caresses her stomach that's bulging due to pregnancy. "Daemon.ah!" She whines as I bring her to her 6th orgasm.

I drink her essence like she's the last bit of water in a desert. I remove my lips from her cunt though tasting her is all I want to do with my time. I lick my lips and kiss her stomach softly smiling at the sight of it. She's truly carrying a child. Our child. I only hope that the gods are kind and she doesn't end like Aemma. She strokes my hair gently as I continue to kiss her slightly round stomach.

I kiss up her body and line my cock up with her cunt perfectly.she pulls me into a heated kiss as I grip her thigh and slide into her deeply. She moans into the kiss as I make love to her. I grunt feeling how tight she is "fuck Ao issi sīr ȳrda" you are so tight

She moans "Qogralbar" fuck. I kiss her my hand caressing her stomach "gonna fill you so fucking much my love. Missed filling this pussy so fucking much my love. Gonna make you swell with my child next" she whines "fuck" I chuckle "you'd like that huh?" She nods "yes!" I kiss her and bring us both to our ends. A knock sounds at the door "your Grace king viserys is here to see you"

I pant as her cunt spasms around me "tell him we will be out in a minute!" Kissing her lips. "He's insisting it's important" "yeah well he'll have to wait a tick we're indecent" I snap. Knowing exactly what he wants to talk to her about. I kiss her softly and we redress and I fix her hair and I get the door and let viserys in and she asks helping him walk "you could've summoned me viserys you need not to strain yourself in bad health"

Helping him sit. We sit as well "you're too kind cousin." He smiles and she asks "what is so urgent?" "The succession" he states and she furrows her eyebrows "what of it? Daemon is your heir. You named him so, even keeping him despite having a son of your own now. He's going to rule in your stead because of your health now" I take her hand in mine "Nesa you are fit to rule the seven kingdoms. You have been beautifully. Doing more for the realm than any of us could've. There is peace here that no one's known since Jaehaerys. And that's because of you. Not me. You. If anyone should be the first ruling queen it should be you."

She looks at me "daemon...all you've ever wanted was to rule. I cannot take that from you" I kiss her knuckles "who's idea do you think it was for you to be queen Nesa." A smile on my face. She asks "are you sure?" I kiss her knuckles "I wouldn't have talked to viserys if I weren't. It's the best for the realm. You've already been queen for 3 years." "They won't accept me as the sole queen. I'm a woman. They only accepted me for this long because you were gone and coming back" she tells me.

Viserys chuckles and it turns to a cough that makes her fret over him. "You underestimate just how loved you are by the realm dear sister in law. There's always people who won't be on board. But more people are on board with you being queen than they are with me" I say "he's right. But this is your decision my love." Kissing her forehead and she nods and asks me "are you sure about this daemon? Being king is all you've ever wanted"

I tell her "all I've ever wanted was you. I swore you'd never want for anything. And I meant it. Your happiness is my happiness Nesa. If being queen makes you happy like I know it does then the rest doesn't matter to me. I love you" she smiles "thank you...I love you" we kiss softly and she tells viserys "I'll take it" he grins "good...I'll make the arrangements now" and with that he's gone and Harwin comes back.

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