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Rhaenesa's pov
It's been a few weeks of bliss. With daemon and I and Harwin and i still have...moments. We're preparing for the wedding. I pause hearing giggles from maidens of the court. Then I hear whispers "can't believe daemon claimed her just to go out and fuck whores all night" what? Daemon and I have gotten heated but we haven't done everything too serious yet...

I'm...not experienced and I don't know how to please a man. Is that why he did this? Did he not mean anything he said? Is this all that's to come of our marriage? Him fucking other women because I'm not enough? I rush away and hit a chest and hug Harwin. He asks "woah woah woah...Nesa? Nesa what's wrong?" I shake my head sniffling "he...." "Who? Daemon?" He asks and I sniffle "yeah"

He hugs me "want to talk about it?" I sniffle and shake my head. I wipe my eyes "I uh...I have something I need to do...alone" he furrows his eyebrows and I leave before he can stop me. I head to a brothel and I pull Mysaria aside....she was the one with daemon. Obviously she knows how to please him. She bows "princess" i say "did you sleep with daemon?" Her eyes widen "I uh...he paid me and I had to. I'm sorry if it pains you" it does. Very much. I brush it off "teach me how" "you want to know how to be a whore?" She asks confused "he chose you for a reason Mysaria...I want to know how to please him" I tell her.

She says "it'll only take a bit" with a smile. She adds "he's crazy about you." I reply "not enough to not cheat" she caresses my face "Rhaenesa you're the future queen. His queen. He chose you. When he was with me all he did was talk about you. He was inside me and only grunted for you" I blush and she pulls me to a room. I ask "how long will it take for me to be able to please him like he yearns" she smiles "it doesn't take much to please a man. He's yours princess. Show him that, you have what he desires most. You can use that and make him goo in your hands." Pushing me back on the bed.

She straddles my hips and says "out there he's the feared rogue prince but in your room he's yours to use." Gyrating her hips placing my hands and shows me how to move and work. She lays below me and lays me on her and moves my hips accordingly. She says "you learn quick" she tells me "using your mouth on him should come naturally, no teeth and don't squeeze too hard but not too soft with your hand" I nod and offer her money and she stops me "free of charge...he did cheat on you"

I nod and head to my room in the red keep. "You went to a brothel" daemons voice rings. "So did you. You fucked a whore...we are betrothed to be wed and you cheated on me already. Who's to say you won't bed and impregnate a whore when we are wed?" I ask tears in my eyes finally releasing. "And you fucked a man." What? "Unlike you I didn't cheat daemon." I sigh.

He asks "then why? Why would you endanger yourself and I don't even know what anymore?" Anger in his eyes. I admit "I went to your whore to learn how to please you. Happy now? Because obviously I don't please you! Or you don't truly want me I don't know which one! So I figured I'd learn how from someone who does know how. So that way maybe you wouldn't find the need for whores"

His eyes soften "you think you can't please me as you are? Nesa you are perfect. She was teaching me how to make love since all I know how to do is fuck. I didn't actually fuck her." "Do not lie to me daemon! I know that you did she didn't deny it!" I cry out. He sighs "Nesa it meant nothing to me" "you cheated on me daemon. How can I marry you if I cannot trust you to remain loyal to me?" I ask. I add "I just want to be good enough for someone. Anyone. And I thought it was you...but obviously I was wrong" walking away he grabs me and kisses me deeply my face in his hands. I melt into him and he lifts me easily. He sets me below him on the bed and he mutters against my lips "I'm sorry." Kissing at my neck now "while with her all I could do was think about having you...the thought of you is what aroused me to begin with"

He kisses me again "I'm sorry. I only wish to have you. I'll never step near another woman again" I reply "you hurt me" his eyes close briefly "and I hate that. I should've never went." I say "hearing what you did...pained me terribly so. Hearing how you'd rather fuck a whore than me....the person whos to be your wife one day...hurt...am I not enough? Do you want someone experienced?" He shakes his head "no. You are more than enough. You're perfect the way you are. Absolutely perfect. I do not care that you're not experienced...I want you as you are. I...I'm afraid that if and when we do I'll be too rough and hurt you. I don't want to hurt you when we do...though you're a virgin there's to be some pain...but I ended up hurting you anyway" his eyes apologetic.

He adds "it's okay if you wish to call this off. I swore to never hurt you and I did. There's nothing I can say or do to prove how sorry I am" I kiss him softly "never again" he smiles and kisses me. I add "teach me" his eyes darken "are you sure?" I nod "yeah"

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