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Daemons pov
No one else knows I'm back. I'm to make an entrance as always. She kisses me "I do not wish to part from you" her hair is longer. It used to be to the middle of her back and now it's down to her hips. I stroke her cheek "it is not for long. You will see me and I'll return to your side my love" resting my forehead on hers and her eyes flutter closed "alright" I kiss her "Avy jorrāelan" I love you.

She smiles "Avy jorrāelan" I kiss her forehead and caress her stomach slightly and we part ways. I make my entrance and pause seeing her on the throne. My god she is absolutely stunning up there. I take the crown off and kneel before her "your Grace" I greet looking up at her. She smiles "daemon" seeing her up there on a throne that's meant for me...fuck.

Ideas of ways I can have her while on the throne fill my mind. "My crown is yours...I am yours." Viserys is off to the side but she's sitting on the throne...weird. If he replaces me as heir...I'd love it honestly. She's done amazing for the realms already. I'm proud of her. I take my sword I killed crabfeeder with out and the guards take out theirs on alert. She says "please put them away...my husband won't hurt me" they listen to her. Even while giving orders she's kind.

I offer it to her "add it to the chair my love" she comes down and goes to take it. I tell her "careful" she smiles and takes it from me and hands it to a guard and says "add it to the throne." He nods "yes your grace." She takes the crown that was made for me. She strokes my hair as I kneel. "Welcome home husband" I grin up at here "glad to have made it" as she puts the crown back on my head and I wrap my arms around her resting my head on her small bump where our child resides and I kiss it softly "Īlva riña" our child

She smiles stroking my hair "yes" and she adds "rise" I do and I tower over her more than before. The people clap. I don't know why they're here like it's a spectacle. Sure I'm the heir and been at war but they're watching with bated breath as if they didn't expect me to be welcomed back home. I kiss her softly and tell her "I have to speak to viserys at once. It won't take long" she nods and her and ser Criston walk off...when did they get close? Ser Criston is rhaenyra's guard not hers?

I find my brother "you're home" I nod "for good" "who's watching the stepstones" he asks as we walk "the dead men that the crabs are eating" I say. He nods "what did you wish to talk about?" "The succession" I speak "what of it? You will be king, and then your son will be king after you" he asks. "Make Rhaenesa queen. Let her rule. Make Harwin and I her king consorts. She's already doing more for the 8 kingdoms than I ever could. The kingdoms know peace in ways that haven't been possible since Jaehaerys...the people love her...all of them love her. Everyone. She's the perfect queen already viserys" I plead her case.

"You want me to renounce you as heir and make your wife the heir?" He asks and I nod "there is no better option. She's loved and wanted for it already. She's made her name as queen already viserys" pleading more. "You think it'll be safe for her to be queen?" He asks and I say "Harwin and I, and everyone sworn to her will protect her with our lives if it comes to it. She's what the realms need" "I agree...she's been doing an amazing job. Daemon being king is all you've ever wanted....are you sure?" He asks me. "Viserys all I've ever wanted is her. Nothing means more to me than her. I want her happy. And to have whatever that heart of hers desires. And if it desires the throne then she shall have it. I told her and her family when I asked for her hand that she will want for nothing. And I meant it" I tell him.

He nods "very well then. Queen she shall be" I nod "good...I'll tell her" walking off

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