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Jaerelyx's pov
I'm worried about her. Everyone is. She's glued to my side pretty much, which I don't mind but...it worries me. Daemon and Harwin said she'd wake screaming and then leave and come to me. There's something wrong. Very wrong. She's getting married in two days. Two. I snap out of it hearing her gasp. We rush to her aid wondering what she saw right now. As daemon tries to get her to speak Rhaelar asks "what's going on?" "She came after me and we talked...and she had a vision and cried. She wouldn't tell me what it was. And she still won't speak of it. She remains at my side. She wakes screaming and crying and there's...nothing I can do to help her. I've never felt so lost and hopeless when it comes to her before. Ever" I sigh. I watch her look around frantically and I say "I'm right here Nes" with a smile.

She looks at viserys in a daze still "buying into your hand and taking a hand will be the end of us all" what? Viserys says "what do you mean" "the house of black and red separates to green and black and turns to black again but not without loss. The house of the dragon prevails but not without loss" she mutters. She snaps out of it "jae?" "I'm here" I tell her and she hugs me. Her dragon dreams are stronger than mine.

It makes me wonder if the things she saw were false or they just didn't happen when she thought they would and are still going to? Her visions are getting more frequent and she speaks as if they ring true. Something she confessed that she would do because she doesn't want to repeat what happened to Aemma. But she has yet to speak of what she saw before. I stroke her hair gently and think of the times she'd come running into my room at ungodly hours of the night when she was little. Tears on her chubby cheeks her silver hair a mess from sleep. I woke instantly and she told me of her dreams. I immediately knew they weren't normal dreams. I see things and dream too.

Everything happens for a reason and I do not wish to meddle. She's pure of heart, mind and soul. She...meddles...SHE MEDDLES!  I ask her "what did you see?" It makes so much sense now. Why she's attached to me more than ever. She's afraid of whatever that vision is. Deeply so. She asks "what?" I list "you can't eat mostly, you can't sleep. You're attached to my hip at all times. You meddle in your visions when they scare you. You always have and then you stopped and now you said because if Aemma's death coming true that you will. You're meddling in your sights, what did you see that terrifies you so?"

"You died Jae...and there was nothing I could do..." she sniffles and it breaks my heart. I pull her to me "I'm never going to leave you Nes" "I saw it" she replies. She adds "I won't make the same mistake I made before with you jae...I can't. I won't" everyone's looking at her with pity in their eyes and confusion. I glare making them stop. She doesn't need pity. She is a dreamer. One of the most sacred things of our house. I nod "and that's okay. You have preparations for your big day to make with daemon though Nes. I'll be sure to find you once an hour? Does that sound good to you?" Knowing daemon and Harwin just want to spend time with her. No one else knows of Harwin and her but me. If she does not wish for everyone to know of it then I won't tell a soul.

She tells me "anything could happen within an hour Jae" I smile her way "anything can happen in the span of seconds. I'll be sure to take a guard with me wherever I go" she shakes her head frantic now "no" I nod "okay...okay. No guard." She just hinted at a war. And that Viserys' hand will offer a hand...marriage. Green is the color house Hightower raises when calling for war....green and black... viserys is going to marry Alicent and then at some point there's going to be a civil war of some sort... "what about our houses guards?" Not that I need it. I'll do it to appease her so she can not worry about me. I can fight better than any guard in our house and others as well. Jaerelyx the cruel. Jaerelyx the unbeaten. Jaerelyx the cold. Are things they call me.

She thinks about it and nods "take Vernon" I nod and kiss her head "go to them. They've been worried sick and miss you" looking at the two men that hold her heart. A maester comes in "your grace...it's king Haelor...he's fallen ill" what?! She freezes once more and a tear falls from her eye. And she runs out of the room. Fuck.

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