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Rhaenesa's pov
We're back in kingslanding now. My mother stayed behind to watch over Kreedence.  I miss her but someone needs to be there in my stead. Though it's only a 30 minute flight. Kisses trace my neck and I mutter "harwin" as his hands roam. Daemon is out with Corlys. I wonder what he wanted to talk about?

I turn around in his arms and he lays me below him in the bed. He moves my night dress revealing my body to his bare one. He sucks marks into my neck and I moan scratching into his back as he thrusts into me. I moan "harwin" he grunts "so fucking tight" as his cock punches the air out of my lungs with each thrust. He makes me look at him and mutters "marry me" kissing me and he rests his forehead against mine "marry me Rhae" I nod moaning "yes" he kisses me driving his cock into me repeatedly "gonna make such a pretty wife and mother Rhae"

I reply "a perfect husband and father you will make" he pushes me over the edge and I feel him come to his end as well. He pants with a chuckle "I love you" I smile "really?" He nods "I love you" kissing me. I reply "I love you" we bathe and I dress in

He smiles "come" and we walk around the redkeep and I rush to viserys who's leaned against a wall coughing badly

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He smiles "come" and we walk around the redkeep and I rush to viserys who's leaned against a wall coughing badly. I ask "cousin are you alright? Do you need a maester?" Worried. He nods and I help him to see a maester. He has sores and they're infected.

I say "cousin..." he coughs "I'm okay." I shake my head "no you are not" daemon comes in "can we talk Rhaenesa" viserys kisses my hand "go I'll be alright" I nod and take daemons hand and say "what is it my love?" Sensing the urgency. "There is a war in the stepstones and Corlys wishes for my aid" he tells me. I reel back "you're leaving me" he strokes my cheek "he needs my and our mens help my love. I will return to you" I shake my head "you cannot promise me that daemon. It's war" he rests his forehead on mine "I will return to you. I will write to you any chance I get. You...you are the only thing I've ever cared for and allowed myself to want Rhaenesa. I love you"

"I've already lost my father....I cannot lose my husband too...we're not even wed daemon. If you go and die you'll just almost be my husband but one of the love of my life...I can't be selfish. I know they need you....but I'm never selfish and I never ask for anything...I want you to stay with me daemon. Marry me. Start a life and a family with me" I beg. He tells me "you know I cannot stay here and do nothing. House Valaryon are our allies. Allies fight war together love. He is the lord of our ships. And I am the heir to the throne. I need to go." I know. But for once I want to be selfish. Make him stay. He pecks my lips "I leave in two days time....marry me beforehand...marry us...beforehand" he says as he caressed my cheeks. "Harwin is leaving too?" I ask. Looking at Harwin. He shakes his head "I'm staying with you my love. One of us have to. It looks better if he goes. Many men are dying my love" I nod "okay" the preparations were ready to go...the death of my father pushed it back until I was ready to do it. "I need to talk to my brothers" they nod and I rush away.

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