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Rhaenesa's pov
I'm sitting in our chambers on bed rest as I'm going to pop any day now. There's a heirs tournament going on to celebrate the babe. My husbands gone I don't know where, it's rare they leave me be. Doting on me and the babe any chance they get. I grin feeling the babe kick. The babe hardly lets me rest. I've chosen daemon as my hand so he's been carrying out my duties as Harwin and daemon insist walking around the keep and on the stairs is too dangerous and sitting on the throne when it could cut me is dangerous as well. Viserys is worsening. It breaks my heart to see.

My worries about birth have gotten higher and higher as the months pass. Aemma thought she was okay too...she didn't make it past birthing her child. A lot of them stillborn beforehand. I stroke my round stomach gently "you're going to make it my sweet babe. Even if I don't. You're loved already beyond compare, you have two fathers who love you indescribably. I love you more than my life, for yours is more important. You will live even if I will not" the babe kicks in response.

"Spoken like a true mother" Jaerelyx speaks. I smile his way "promise me Jae. That if my labors go wrong. That my babe will make it" stroking my belly. He comes over and takes my hand "there will be no pain greater than losing a babe, but losing you...will hurt just as much" "the babe is a part of me. Love it as you love me if things go wrong. If things do go wrong and there is a choice to be made. Choose my son or daughter. I ask you, because I know Harwin and daemon will lie and say they will and I will live and I do not wish to bare the agony of that" I beg him.

He kisses my forehead gently stroking my stomach "I cannot. I am sworn to protect you" "this child is a part of me. Jae...please. Promise me" I beg him and he clenches his jaw "I promise" kissing my head and I gasp in pain "Ah!" He says "what? Nesa? What's wrong" I gasp "the babe is coming" feeling my water break. His eyes widen "I'll be right back!" Leaving as I cry in pain. The maesters come in and so do the midwives. "My husbands" I gasp.

The door opens again and I feel them. "Hey" Harwin. He strokes my cheek "look at me my love" I do and he kisses my sweaty forehead "you can do this my love. We are here" daemon takes my hand and says "we were out choosing an egg for his or her cradle" what? The babe is a strong and not a full targaryen. Daemon kisses my cheek "the blood of the dragon will live in him or her" I nod and smile "yes"

The nurses say "sit up your Grace it is time to push" I pray to our gods of old Valyria that everything will be okay. I pray for the health of my babe and I. Daemon helps me sit up and sits behind me and holds me "push my love. Let's welcome our child to this world" Harwin grabs my hand "I'm right here my love just squeeze my hand" "your Grace...they should not be here" the maester says and they say "we don't care" I chuckle and inhale deeply and push letting out a yell....nothing...not even a little bit. "Your Grace stop" I groan and I ask "what's going on?"

"The babe isn't coming out" he says. Shit. They sigh after pushing on my stomach "what? What's wrong?" They ask. The maester says "the babe is breached...like Aemma's was" "save him" I beg. "My love" my husbands beg. I cry at another contraction "save my babe." "I'm afraid it is your husbands say-" he's cut off by Jaerelyx "she is your heir. It is her body. Do as she says"

"Try to correct the babes position...if not....save her" daemon says and I shake my head "save the babe" "you are our wife. Our love. Do you truly think we could love that babe if it's the cause of your death" daemon tells me. "It's not the babes fault daemon. It's the gods' will" I say breathless.

Harwin says "do as my wife wishes" "are you mad?!" Daemon snaps as Harwin says "this is not our choice daemon. It's hers. This babe is ours...right? I will love her forever and miss her endlessly if the gods take her but our child should not be to blame for this" stroking my hair kissing my head as I whine in pain as the maester tries to move the babe.

Daemon says to me "as you wish my queen" kissing my temple and the maester says "the babe has corrected" we sigh in relief and the nurse tries to dab my head with a rag but Harwin takes it. Doing it and I hunch down and push. I cry out listening to daemon coo in my ear in Valyrian "Ao jiōraton bisa ñuha ābrazȳrys. Kesā mazverdagon ziry se īlva rūs kessa sagon kesīr lēda īlva hae iā lentor" You got this my wife. You will make it and our babe will be here with us as a family

I nod and push more. It takes hours of agony and eventually a cry is hears and I sigh in relief. He kisses my temple and the maester says "it's a boy your Grace" I grin.

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