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Daemons pov
I find them and she's crying. I rush over and cup her face gently "what happened my love?" Worried. I ask "are you okay? Is the babe okay?" Wiping her tears. I ask Harwin "what happened?" He sighs "the babe has her all over the place emotionally. I told her I love her and then she smiled. Saw a caterpillar on the ground and someone stepped on it before she can warn them about it and she started to cry"

"Why is she on the ground?" I ask. Kissing her forehead as she lays her head on my chest sniffling. "She wanted to mourn it" pointing to the caterpillar that's on the ground a bit away. She sniffles "it's not fair. It didn't even get to become a butterfly" aw. I ask "who killed it?" Wanting to know who caused my wife such distress while pregnant. Harwin sighs knowing I'm going to get violent for it "I do not know. They walked by quickly" I huff and kiss her softly "My love it's alright." She cries into me "no it's not" she's so precious.

I tell her "this much stress and emotion is not good for the babe my love." She nods and sniffles "I...I can't stop" I ask Harwin "how long has she been like this?" "A few minutes. She sat on the floor to mourn her little friend and refused to let me console her" he answers. I feel her curl into me and sniffle. I ask "do things always set her off?" "depends on what happens but it happens often" he says. Seems the pregnancy is hard on my sweet love. I pick her up and say "I think you need rest my love" she mutters "hungry" "okay. We'll have food sent my love" I reply.

Walking us to our chambers. I set her down on the bed and kiss her head "want comfortable clothes?" She shakes her head "I have meetings to go to" I shake my head "not in this state. You need rest and food" "I need to go" she sighs wiping her eyes. I kiss her "I'll go" "but you don't even know about the meeting or what it's for" she replies "I'll figure it out." I shrug she shakes her head standing "it's important" she's putting that over her emotional health. I stroke her cheek "then postpone it. Your health is more important" she shakes her head standing and leaves the room and we follow her "love go back to the room and get rest" "this matter cannot wait" she tells me wiping her face and straightening her back...like a true queen.

I ask Harwin "is she always like this" he shrugs "sometimes." I throw her over my shoulder and tell Harwin "tell them the queen is not well and there will be no meeting." Careful with her stomach as I hold her squirming body. I lay her on the bed below me and pin her there "rest" she says "no!" I chuckle "love rest on your own or I'll be fucking you until you don't have a choice but to want to do anything else but that. Choice is yours" her eyes get dark in lust. She blushes squirming now for a new reason "you can't say things like that daemon. But I really do need to go to that meeting it's about putting a large house in fleabottom for the poor so they're not on the streets. I just need to meet with the council as to where we can do so and the same thing for the orphanage" she truly is a saint. I tell her "that can wait until tomorrow my love. It's my first night back and you wish to spend it worrying for the poor. You just broke down emotionally as well. You need to relax" kissing at the column of her neck. She tugs at my short hair "daemon" she's more sensitive now. Fun

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