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Daemons pov
I hate how I pained her. But I needed to do it....I couldn't let myself sit and fuck her and her be hurt because of my roughness. She deserves better. I shouldn't have done it. But how else would I have been able to do such a thing? I can't experiment on Nesa. I have both of us bare. I know ser strong is outside the door. I see how he looks at her and dotes on her. I can also see how she looks at and confides in him...I don't even think she knows she's doing it. She doesn't have a malicious bone in her body. She's not capable of cheating like I did. She doesn't have the heart for it.

But there is something there with them. I see it. I kiss her and mutter "if I am too rough and hurt you...tell me to stop" I want pain in sex to be eased into with her. She's never done anything but kiss and let me fondle her body and suck at her neck before. Nothing too crazy. I want her to be sure. She nods and I say "promise me" she smiles "promise" I take my time with her body. Sucking marks into her neck and chest. Taking time to suck at her nipples making her moan softly. Fuck I could listen to that sound for the rest of my days.

I make my way to her cunt and take in the taste of her. Perfect. She whines pulling at my hair rocking her hips that I hold still pulling her cunt closer to my mouth. I ease a finger into her and wait before moving it slightly and she whines "daemon!" As I move a second and third finger into her tight pussy. I curl my fingers to her g spot spreading her open as much as possible. She shakes with a moan as she orgasms for the first time ever.

I remove my fingers moving my lips from her clit and lick them clean. She blushes and I stroke myself cursing "gods" she says "let me" I pin her arms to the bed "tonight is all about you my love" she nods and I ask her again "are you truly sure we can wait" she tells me "I want this." I nod and curl her leg around my waist and push my cock inside her wickedly tight cunt. I rest my forehead on her shoulder "fucking hell" I curse. She's in pain. I stroke circles into her clit to ease and distract her a bit. It works. I rest my head against hers and kiss her "relax my love" pushing in more stretching her perfectly to fit my cock.

She grips my hands once I'm all the way inside of her and slowly drag my cock back out and then start a rhythm with her that makes her sing a song. One I can listen to forever. I grunt into her neck "fuck" setting a pace. She moans "daemon" as I get rough like usual. I pause "did I hurt you?" She's soft. Gentle. Kind. Sensitive. I do not wish to hurt her.

She shakes her head "keep going" she likes it. I kiss her plunging my cock deeper inside of her with each thrust. She flips me over so she's on top. She looks perfect there. She's a queen and I'm her throne for the taking. She moves experimenting it. I'm so much deeper like this. Gods. I curse "fuck" and she starts a pattern riding me, taking my cock as she wishes. She kisses me softly and I thrust into her and she moans. And I keep doing it taking over with her on top. I've never let anyone ride me before. I usually just take them from behind and call it a day. I never let anyone have control over me like that. Just her. I've done every position just not this one.

I chuckle feeling her tighten more. She's about to cum. And frankly so am I. I sit up and pull her closer and her forehead rests on mine and I kiss her lips softly "cum for me nesa. It's alright my love. Let it go" she blushes and I chuckle "I've just taken your virtue and you blush now when it's time to orgasm?" I kiss her cheek and say "you're almost there sweetheart cum for me" stroking her clit and she whines into my neck and bites down freezing when she does moaning as she does. I grunt as she does and use her to my own end. I finish inside of her and curse "fucking hell" I look up at her and she asks "pleased?" Her eyes hopeful.

What I did made her insecure. It pains me greatly to know and see it. I make her look at me and stroke her cheek "never think that you cannot please me Rhaenesa. You're all I've ever wanted. You existing alone pleases me my love." "I-I've never done this before daemon so I was just wondering if you got the pleasure you too deserve" she tells me. I chuckle "if I was not pleased I would not have filled your womb with my warmth. Okay? It would not have been possible" removing my cock from her cunt.

She winces slightly and I lay back and take her into my arms. "Have you filled anyone else's womb?" She asks her finger stroking my chest softly "gods no. And risk a unwanted pregnancy and bastards? I've done it elsewhere. I've never finished in a woman's womb before. Just yours and it'll always be yours" I reply to her. She says "do you weren't pleased with them?" "Not as pleased as I am with you Nesa. Sex is a learning curve. If you want it to be fun...I can teach you. Sex doesn't only have to be for my pleasure my love" I tell her gently. "Sex is my wifely duty to you daemon. What I want doesn't matter as long as you're pleased" she replies. Well I'm going to teach her differently.

"No. That's something mothers tell princesses and ladies to keep you away from doing it out of wedlock and making bastard children. Realistically sex is for a woman just as much as it is for a man. Sex is not a duty. And will not be a duty with us. We will do it as we please. And it'll be fun and pleasurable for the both of us. You Rhaenesa are mine. And I refuse to have what's mine believing in such ideals. Your wants and pleasure matter. Just as much as it does for me. We are equal. If I want you and you do not want to tell me and I'll use my hand. Do not lay and take it because of the idea that it is a duty. Okay?" I tell her. She nods "okay" I kiss her lips softly "now as much as I'd love to lay here in bliss we both have things to do still." She nods and I help her dress and I do the same spotting the blood stain on the bed. I smirk at the sight. She's mine.

Rhaenesa's pov
Daemon had to talk more with viserys. He didn't seem too happy. Probably about the rumors. There'll be a new rumor one about us and how he bed me no doubt. "Rhae" it's Harwin. I smile "hi Harwin." "Are you alright? I couldn't find you anywhere after our last encounter" he says sitting beside me as I told him he's free to do. Yes he's my guard but he's also now a good friend and I want him to actually act as such. I want him to act freely. I touch his hand gently "I'm quite alright Harwin. Everything is settled and is okay" my eyes on his.

"You forgave him? He cheated on you in a whorehouse publicly" he replies. I tell him "we are to be wed and we talked about it and drew more lines and boundaries." He asks "by what? Getting you to bed him out of wedlock? If anyone else finds out about that your reputation will be done. Instead of seeing you as a kind and beauty of a queen. You'll be known as something way worse Rhae. He dishonored you and he knows it."

"It'll be fine Harwin, we did nothing wrong. We're getting wed in a few weeks anyway." I tell him softly. He sighs "if you were mine I'd never disrespect you by flaunting around flea bottom with whores and dishonor you In such a way" if I were his? For some reason the thought brings butterflies to my stomach.no. Im to be daemons wife. Im happy. Content. Loved. What else could I possibly want? I say "Harwin what are you-" he kisses me deeply his hands on my cheeks.

I melt and then realize what is going on. I push at his chest and step away from him my fingers at my lips in shock. I cheated. I just cheated on daemon. He speaks "Rhaenesa-" I shake my head and leave him there. I bump into a familiar chest. Jaerelyx. I hug him tightly and he asks "what is it sister are you hurt? Having a vision? Where's your guard?" I shake my head gripping onto his clothes "I just want you" he kisses my forehead "you have me Nesa. Always. Cmon" lifting me easily and he heads to his quarters.

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