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Rhaenesa's pov
It's been a few days and I'm with Jae. We're working on balerion not being so huffy. I walk to balerion and motion for Jae to stay back. His head lifts and he nudges me with his head making a welcoming noise. I stroke his black scales softly. I tell him "Sagon sȳz" kissing his large head and he huffs. Be kind

A branch snaps behind me and he nudges me behind him with his head and hisses loudly. I peek and see Jaerelyx. I tell him "Gīda ilagon issa daor jāre naejot ōdrikagon nyke" Calm down he is not going to hurt me. He huffs again and stares Jaerelyx down. I chuckle and say "that's a good dragon" and he purrs as I scratch his special spot. I wave Jae over and he growls again. "Be nice balerion" I scold slightly. He huffs and nudges me behind him hissing. I sigh seeing daemon and Harwin.

I smile their way and climb over and off the protective dragon. Daemon grabs my hand "careful love" I nod and watch as balerion flies off. Probably to another resting place he's claimed. Too many people probably. He's been around people before obviously. He just doesn't like anyone but me. People this close makes him huffy and he protects me .

Jaerelyx stands behind me as I kiss daemons and Harwins cheek. Harwin holds a hand out to Jae "we've met before under different circumstances...I'm Harwin strong" "Jaerelyx" my brother says looking at his hand and daemon nods to him "cousin" I can basically see the slight steam coming out of Jaerelyx's ears "daemon" he spits.

Jae kisses my temple "are you okay with them?" "why? Where are you going?" I ask him grabbing his hand now. He smiles "I figured you'd want time alone with your uh...things." I shake my head "stay" he gives them a look I've seen quite a bit from him to men who would court me or ask for my hand and then break it off. "Jae" I warn softly. "What? I didn't do anything" he chuckles. "Jae" I sigh to him. He sighs and kisses my head "I'll see you later little one" and before I can object he's gone.

I pout. I wanted him to stay. I've never felt so...at odds with him before. Yes he's there and around but it feels...off. I want him to know Harwin, and daemon past that mask he puts on. "Love?" "What did you see?" Daemons voice breaks me out of my thoughts. I shake my head "I didn't have a vision...I was just thinking" with a smile. I want Jaerelyx to like them. I love my father dearly, but my brothers, Jae especially was there. When I first gained my visions and thought they were horrible nightmares. He was there to teach me. He was there through it all and gave up his hopes and dreams to stay with me. I'll never be able to repay him for it. Ever. He's my brother but he's also my father in every sense of the word. Not that my father isn't a good father. He did miss a lot. He chose duty over family. He often apologizes for his actions. I've forgiven it and accepted it.

Harwin speaks "about what my love?" "Jae...there's something off" I say walking to follow him. Daemon asks "off how? Like before you get a vision kind of off?" I reply "I don't know" Harwin asks "we can't help if you don't talk to us" "I'll tell you when I figure it out." I say rushing away I find Jae. "Jae" I call to him.

"I thought I told you to stay with them?" He asks softly. I ask "what happened to us?" He asks "what do you mean?" I fiddle with my fingers nervously. "I mean...it just feels off. And I...I don't like it Jae. Whatever's wrong I can fix it. Okay? I don't know what I did...but I can fix it. Promise. Todays the first time we've spoken more than for two seconds since that talk Jae...just tell me what I did wrong...I don't want to be like this"

He hugs me and I melt into his warmth "Nes...I know what you feel and how you feel for them I do...I look at you and know you're a woman grown but still see you as my baby...the girl I raised. You're to be wed soon Rhaenesa...you'll have no place for me. Soon you'll be a mother to your own children. It's hard for me to try and let go" I mutter to him "I don't want you to let go Jae"

He replies "you do not need me anymore as you did before Nes" "you are my brother Jaerelyx. The only father I've ever known. You gave up your life for me at the age of 10 and 5. And raised me because you didn't want maids to do so. You gave up your hopes of being a knight. Your dreams of fighting injustice with justice just to be with me. I do not care if I'm to be wed soon. I will always need you. Always" I reply. Looking into his eyes and I gasp.

Flashes of him being killed flow behind my eyes and I freeze. "Nes? Nes?!" As I hear from the vision queen Alicent sends her regards. "Rhaenesa?!" I'm shaken out of it.

My heart shatters in my chest. He's going to die. My beloved brother is going to die. I hug him tighter deciding that I will make this not true. It can't be. I won't let it.

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