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Daemons pov
She's broken. Absolutely shattered. I made the decision to push the wedding back. She's not as attached to Jaerelyx but she still has him check in worrying. Todays the funeral. I kiss her forehead taking her in

I ask "you ready?" She tells us "I have to be" and walks out ahead of us

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I ask "you ready?" She tells us "I have to be" and walks out ahead of us. We follow her and catch up and she clutches our hands. Them shaking, as we head outside where the funeral will be held. Balerion on a hill. Waiting. He sees her and makes a noise. Watching us with a hiss. They make speeches and she walks to the pyre and takes her fathers hand and slides his ring off and I decide then I'll take it and get it worked on so she can have it as her wedding ring. She whispers something in his ear and kisses his head and returns to us after hugging her brothers and mother on the way. She offers the ring to her and her mother tells her to keep it.

More words are said but all I can do is pay attention to and hold her. Harwin too. Once the words are done she looks to her mother and brothers who come over and Jaerelyx mutters "do it....our dragons aren't here and mother won't be able to" so she has to? He kisses her head "we can do it together" "she shouldn't have to do it at all....she's seen and heard him die...she's not okay Jaerelyx" Rhaelar says "together" kissing her head. She shakes her head "I'll do it" she steps forward and tears fall and Harwin and I wipe them.

"I can do it with you if you wish" I offer to her. She asks "just be here" I nod as does Harwin "always" she straightens her back and she says "balerion" and the dragon looks her way and she starts "dr-" and breaks. I kiss her cheek and tell her "give him his peace." She nods "it's hard" wiping her tears and I kiss her "I know" she straightens up again and says "balerion" "dracarys" and Haelor burns.

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