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Harwins pov
She comes back and I smile her way "everything alright?" She nods "daemon is going to be named heir...and if my father agrees I'll be his queen" with a smile. What? I mean the realm will be absolutely thrilled and lucky to have her as our queen. But she's getting married to daemon. Married.

I furrow my eyebrows "and is that what you want? A marriage for power?" She doesn't seem the type to do such a thing. "Harwin he wants me for me....it's been...well my entire life. No ones ever wanted me for me. It's always 'Rhaenesa I want you but I want to meet the king to further our house.' 'Rhaenesa I want you but balerion would do well to further our house right?' 'Rhaenesa I want you but can you introduce me to your brothers' 'Rhaenesa I want you but will I end up being king or will one of your brothers, because if I don't then this won't work' everyone who says that they want me don't really...there's always a but attached and...there wasn't one this time...power means nothing to me" she tells me. My heart breaks at her words. How could anyone hurt her like this?

I say "they did not deserve you Rhaenesa. I don't want you to marry and then later regret it because you rushed yourself" stroking her cheek now.

Daemons pov
I walk into the council room where the meeting will be. "Cousins" I greet. Haelor speaks "what's the meaning of this meeting" viserys speaks "daemon will be named as my heir." They nod "and as my heir he's going to need a wife one that'll tame his...rogue ish tendencies" Jaerelyx seems to get it "no" Haelor says "Jaerelyx we don't even know what they're gonna say"

he snaps "daemon wants to marry Rhaenesa. It's obvious father and I vote no" Haelor says "is this true?" I nod "I would like your permission to marry her in the tradition of our house" Haelor says "she is my daughter the only one I have. She deserves better. You're known for parading with whites! Who's to say you won't hurt her" I say "I'd never hurt her. I've been wanting her for a while now. I'm asking for her hand. She'll the the queen the court and everyone outside of it has ever wanted. She'll never want for anything and she will be truly loved"

Rhaelar asks "and what does she think of this? This isn't our decision to make for her. Have you asked her what she wants?" Jaerelyx says "that doesn't matter he's not fit for her. He's a prick and a sociopath. She'd only get hurt. He only cares about himself" I roll my eyes with a smirk "oh I care for her. And only her. You're my family but that's it...just acknowledgement. But with her I feel more. And to answer your question Rhaelar. I asked her. She said she wants this and me...just with your approval"

Jaerelyx says "I don't like you or it but if she thinks you're it for her-" I cut him off "she saw this vision...it was nice. We're married and I'm playing with my daughter and son another son on the way and  we're happy. Let me make her happy" challenging him. He glares "do you not know how to be a gloating prick for two seconds" "just as much as you know how not to brood...it brings down the mood of every room and event" I chuckle. Going back and forth is our relationship. He stands "I will talk to her. I do not trust you or your word-" Haelor speaks "no need. He's telling the truth. Daemon you have my permission to marry her....hurt her and not only we will kill you, but there's a lot of others who will as well. Tread carefully if you value your life" I nod standing "I'll tell her the good news"

I find her and Harwin...is he about to fucking kiss her?!  I speak "my love" she looks my way and grins "Daemon" and she hugs me tightly and I kiss her lips tilting her head up and I glare Harwins way. She's mine. I break the kiss and say "he agreed" she smiles "really?" I nod and add "Jaerelyx isn't too happy. Rhaelar is okay as long as it's what you want" she hugs me again "oh" I know how much Jaerelyx means to her. When she had nothing she had him. I say "he's protective if you as always...he'll come around once he sees you happy...right?" She nods

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