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Harwin's pov
I'm here training. I was told Saerra and Haelor have a daughter that's well...a princess. And would need some protection so that's what I'm here for. I'm no longer in the city watch. I'm here to swear my oath to Rhaenesa. I've only ever heard about her. She rides Balerion the Black Dread and the dragon immediately bonded to her when they met when viserys and him were bonded but from my understanding the princess' and his bond are deeper.

Everyone heard and saw his arrival. And heard his hissing. He's the largest and oldest dragon known. I pause hearing footsteps and I put the sword into its sheath and turn around seeing her. Rhaenesa. Viserys gave them this land to rule as kings and queens. She's stunning actually. Wow.

She smiles my way and it makes it hard to breathe the sight of her smile is truly breathtaking

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She smiles my way and it makes it hard to breathe the sight of her smile is truly breathtaking. "You must be Ser Harwin" she speaks finally. I nod and bow to her "your Grace" and she is graceful. She chuckles "you are free to call me my name Ser Harwin" I nod and say "it is my honor to be your guard Rhaenesa" she says "come I wish to get to know you a bit Ser" "you can also call me my name" I tell her with a smile.

We spend time together and just talk. She's not like the rest of em. She likes art and music, and she's kind to everyone she meets, she's a bit shy too. Shes....soft. I can see why they hired me. She doesn't have a mean bone in her body it seems. And the world we're in is a cruel one. One that doesn't deserve this princess. She has two older brothers. Jaerelyx and Rhaelar. They already made it clear that they don't like that they hired me. Because she doesn't 'need me' she has them for all the protection she'll need. I know they're close. Very close. And they all seem protective of her as well....she's the youngest and has the softest demeanor.

She expressed her sorrow for the loss of their cousin Aemma. And she asks about me and I tell her everything she wishes to know. About my time in harrenhal. Why I left. My time in kingslanding as well. She's interested in my life. I don't quite understand why...I'm just her guard. Jaerelyx comes over "we're heading to kingslanding tonight...pack bags" I nod and so does she. I walk her to her quarters and she says "I'm sorry about how they see you Harwin....they're protective is all" I chuckle "it's not your fault Rhaenesa. Really. Go pack I'll be out here"

She nods and goes into her quarters.

Rhaenesa's pov
Harwin is great. The strongest man in the seven kingdoms but...he's more than that. He's funny, sweet, handsome and true. He's gentle as well. I pack my things and head back out he says "I'll take those" reaching for my bags I stop him "I can manage" "you don't have to Rhaenesa. Hand them over" he says and I do "thank you" "there's no need to thank me." He says.

I nod and we head out and my father asks "are you flying Balerion there?" I nod with a smile and he kisses my head "be careful okay Nes?" I nod and hug him "see you there" watching as Harwin packs the boat.

I whistle and everyone steps back as balerion lands and he roars threateningly and I hold my hand up "hey. Hey" as he growls. He looks at me and I pet his face gently "it's alright...they're good. I'm okay" I soothe him. And I climb onto him as my brothers get on their dragons Qaero and Varro. I take off and grin as the wind flows through my hair and I take in the look of the sky. Feeling at peace with him up here. It doesn't take long for us to reach kingslanding. I get there first and then my brothers and the rest arrive. Balerion in his designated spot where he can rest here. We walk in and I see viserys "cousin" I greet and he smiles but it doesn't reach his eyes I hug him tightly knowing he's heartbroken. I would be too.

He nods "it is so nice to see you here Rhaenesa....you are our light" I smile and say "I'm here if you need anything" I hug rhaenyra and mutter "I'm so sorry" i can't imagine losing my brothers or parents. She hugs me "daemon is here" I perk up. She smiles "he should be training right about now" I nod and find the training grounds Harwin following. "Nice blade cousin" I speak watching him with dark sister. He pauses and turns to me and smiles "though you're not the sword type are you Nesa?" "Violence is over rated" I say and I rush over and he pulls me into his arms. He mutters "I missed you" he cups my face breaking the hug "how was essos? Were you harmed at all? You went alone and you hate fighting" I smile "I'm okay. Everyone was lovely daemon. You taught me how to fight I just don't like to." "You could've asked me to go with you and I would've" he replies. I kiss his cheek "I'll keep that in mind daemon" he smiles "good....what is Harwin strong doing here?" His eye catching Harwins. I say "he's my personal guard now...fathers orders" with a chuckle. "He could've hired me" he says and I laugh "like there'll be nothing but chaos ensuing. Besides daemon. It's fine. I quite like Harwin already" daemon says "if a blonde hair ends up missing from her head i will have yours" "and I expect nothing less...rogue prince" Harwin chuckles.

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