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Rhaenesa's pov
I wake again and see daemon is still here...it's morning. He smiles seeing I'm awake "you're awake" kissing my knuckles. He strokes my hair out of my face "are you alright?" I shrug and get out of bed and he tells me "you know it's not your fault...you couldn't have known it was actually going to happen" "I still feel as though there was something I could've done" I sigh.

He kisses my forehead "there was nothing you could've done for them Nesa." He tells me "I'm going to leave you to ready for the day...viserys wishes to speak to me about something...I can bring you with me if you wish..." I shake my head "there's no need...if viserys wanted me there he'd ask for me...I'll see you later daemon...and...thank you...for everything" he furrows his eyebrows "Nesa you do not need to thank me for anything that I do for you...okay? You're always going to be my first priority" I feel my cheeks heat up at his words "still...thank you" he kisses my forehead "don't thank me...I'll see you in a bit" is he looking at my lips? He's gone before I can say anything else. I pause seeing Harwin come in. He sends me a smile "are you alright?"

I nod "I am. Thank you Harwin" he tells me "you can lie to everyone else...but you can't lie to me Rhaenesa...you don't have to either. I am most loyal to you. As the guard of your safety but also as a guard of your secrets and what ever else you wish to tell me. If you choose to do so." I nod "I'm uh...I'm different than the rest of them" I start. He sends me a smile "if I may be bold?" "You're allowed to speak as freely as you wish Harwin" I tell him. "None of you are the same. You're all different in your own ways...do their demeanors compare to one another? Yes. But you're different. And it's not a bad thing. It's something everyone around seems to adore about you...I know I'm starting to" he doesn't get it...not everyone know...just family.

I say "I see things Harwin. Not in my dreams but...here as I am now...and sometimes...those things come true." He furrows his eyebrows "what have you seen" "Aemma and the manner she died in...I said nothing and it came true and her and my littlest cousin are dead. If I had said something maybe fate wouldn't have been so cruel. Maybe the gods have showed them mercy and kept them here with us if I said something." I sigh looking out at the city from my window.

"You're a seer" he puts it together. I nod "a failure of one but yes" "hey. You're not a failure Rhaenesa. You're good...you have a heart of gold and-" he starts. I tell him "they're dead because of my negligence...I'm just as bad as viserys for his choice" he cups my face "no. You are not bad Rhaenesa. You are good. It is not your fault. You see things and it's not 100%. You couldn't have known. And if you could've there's no saying your word could've saved them. Do not say you're a bad person. Viserys had to make a choice. A hard one...if he did not try for Baelon...he'd have died...Aemma was going to die anyway unfortunately...come here" and he pulls me into his strong arms.

I feel at home here...in his embrace. Just like I do with daemon. I lay my head on his armor covered chest. "Thank you" I tell him. He replies "you do not need to thank me Nes" I smile at him using my nickname. Daemon is the only one who calls me Nesa. "This...my emotions...aren't your job to deal with...so I do thank you" I tell him and he strokes my cheek "yes it is...you need not thank me" he's gone after that and I dress in

you need not thank me" he's gone after that and I dress in

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I braid my hair

 And I head out on a walk with Harwin

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And I head out on a walk with Harwin.

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