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Jaerelyx's pov
I was on the way to give daemon a piece of my fucking mind. How dare he?! He made fools of our house! Of my fathers agreement to wed him to Rhaenesa. And here she is hurt and crying. I wipe her tears "is this about what daemon did?" She shakes her head "no. We talked and-" is that a hickey? She slept with him. That fucking prick!

"What did he make you do?" Looking at the marks. She blushes "he didn't make me do anything Jae." What? "Then tell me why you're so upset" what she does with her virtue is not my place to say or control. Though I really want to. To me she'll always be my baby sister. My parents had her when our land just started to prosper so it ended up being up to me to be with and raise her pretty much. Yes we did have maids and whatnot. But she deserved to be loved by family. To be raised by family.

So I took it on at 15. Rhaelar was 13. I dedicated my future to being there with and for Rhaenesa and Rhaelar. Our parents got a hang of it eventually. By then she was already 3. My duty and dedication to her did not falter. Yes my parents were there more but I still raised her pretty much. She's more than a sister to me she's my child. She says "I um...I feel bad" "why? Did you not want to with daemon and you feel guilt?" I ask confused. She shakes her head "no. I'm okay with what happened with daemon and I" I wipe her tear "what happened then Nes"

"Don't be mad at him. Okay? He can't control how he feels...it's not his fault." She begs me. I kiss her forehead "I promise...who are you talking about?" "Harwin...he kissed me and I...I kissed him back and I'm happy with daemon. And we have a new part of our relationship and I'm to be wed and yet I kissed Harwin back. And I don't understand it and I feel terrible because I don't know what to tell daemon or if I should...I know I should but I don't want to hurt him. And I don't want to lose Harwin either. I just...don't know what to do anymore" she cries.

I always knew Harwin was sweet on her. And I can tell she's sweet on him too. And she's sweet on daemon as well. Obviously. But she has a good heart and doesn't want to hurt either of them with her affections for the both of them so she's panicking because she realizes she has to. But she doesn't. Polygamy isn't unheard of in our family.

Do I want her to have two men? No. It's hard enough wrapping my head around the fact that she bed daemon and he's to be her husband. But over all I want her happy. Truly happy. I say "look at me Nes." She does and I wipe her tears "everything will be okay. Breathe" I coo and she does and she sniffles "I cheated" "no. Stop. It's okay to want more than one person Rhaenesa." I tell her she shakes her head "I'm to be wed and a a queen and a mother eventually-" I tell her "it's called polygamy sister. Aegon the conqueror and his sisters practiced it. And it's okay. Sit them both down and tell them of your desires before daemon finds out and it becomes a bloodbath. Okay? Daemon despite his actions recently, worships the ground you walk on. If it means your happiness...your true happiness...he'll do it. You were born a princess and now you're going to be a queen. They are lucky to have you. Do not cry for kissing Harwin back. Daemon has done worse to you recently" "I don't want to live my life with him keeping a score jae. Asking that of them is not fair" she says. I sigh hating to do it. But she cannot help how she feels for those two men.

"They both care for you deeply. Hell daemon chose you to be his wife. And Harwin has been doting on you and caring beyond what his duty entails since it started. They will compromise it. Or risk you not being truly happy." I tell her. She nods "okay" "go talk to daemon. Or Harwin. Whichever you feel you should contact first...I love you and wish you happiness sister. I truly do." I tell her. Despite my yearning to rip both their heads off and putting them on a stick for touching her. Daemon more for what he's done. I smile as she kisses my cheek "thank you Jae" "anything for you Nes" I tell her and it's the truth. I'd do anything for her. I dedicated my life to raising her and being with her. Never took a wife. Never even took a job. Waiting in line for the succession of our seat. But I'm content with it going to Rhaelar if it means I can remain by her side. She is my life.

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