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Rhaenesa's pov
He's going to die. My father is going to die. I make my way to Gus room and hug my mother "what happened? How?" She says "he's been getting ill for a bit my daughter. This is worse than ever" the maester says "all we can do now your grace is make his grace comfortable with milk of the poppy" no. I say "I won't allow it." Shaking my head.

Daemon and Harwin come in "my love" I sit besides my father taking his hand and studying his face "no! He is king Haelor of the house targaryen. The first of his name. He has the blood of the dragon running through his veins. He is strong. He is needed here with us not with the gods above. He is my father and I will not allow him to go." Tears on my face now. Harwin speaks "Rhaenesa. You cannot control this. I know it hurts. I couldn't imagine going through this with my own father. But he-" I cut him off "do not say it. He is not dying today or any day soon. He's going to be okay" kissing my fathers hand. His eyes open and he smiles seeing me "Nes." "Hi papa" I say. He squeezes my hand "you must know the order of succession" "no. You are going to heal as you did before and be okay father." I deny. I get more quick flashes of his death.

No. I won't allow it. He coughs "when I go...I want you to rule" what? I say "father I'm already to be queen of the seven kingdoms" he tells me "something bad is coming and you know it just as I do. If not better than I do. Make it 8. Kreedence is yours." He wipes the tears from my face "do not cry for me daughter. I love you and I am truly sorry for choosing duty to our house over raising you as I should've. You are the best in all of us. Be strong" "Harwin" he speaks. "Yes your grace" he speaks. "Welcome to the family...both of you...take care of my daughter" my father says....how does he know? He strokes my cheek "get wed and be the queen I know you can be." I nod "I swear it father" he coughs "Rhaelar. Jaerelyx. Come" they do. "Jae I...I'm sorry" "father it is okay. I made my choices. I do not regret them." He tells him. I wipe the blood from his face with a cloth as he coughs more. "You were but a boy and I shoved a babe onto you and you never got to live" my father coughs. How could this happen? Why didn't anyone tell me he was getting sick?

Why? "I wouldn't trade it for anything father. I did it out of love for my sister." Jae says. "Father Jae...you are her father in every way I chose not to be" my father coughs. "Rhaelar...you are a mix of them. Soft and mean. I also have my regrets with you. Pushing you to be a knight. I shouldn't have. I'm sorry" "yeah well being a knight didn't work out. And I do not hate you for pushing for it father. I learned from that time of my life. Raising Rhaenesa with Jaerelyx has taught me things as well...so I should be thanking you" Rhaelar says. "Daemon" he says coughing. "Yes cousin?" Daemon asks taking my free hand. "Don't let the world dim her light. She is our light. Protect and nurture it. Be a better man to her. I'm leaving my daughter...my only daughter in the hands of you and Harwin. She cannot take another round of hurt after this daemon. Promise me" he continues. Daemon nods "I swear it" my father looks at me "Rhaenesa you are...my light...my joy" I kiss his hand again "I love you father. You're going to make it. You're going to be okay. I won't allow this. Maester do something. Anything!" Looking at the maester. "Princess-" I cut him off "Now! My father is a king! You must do any and everything to keep him alive!" Snapping slightly though I don't really mean to....I feel bad. "My love the maester has tried everything" daemon tells me gently kissing my knuckles. I shake my head "no. There has to be something they haven't tried! Anything." Sniffling. "Rhaenesa....it's okay" my father says to me. I shake my head "no"

"The gods deem that it's my time" he smiles wiping my tears. I shake my head "stop it. You're going to be fine and live until you're 90. You're going to have grandchildren and great grandchildren. You're going to be here. With me. With us. You're going to marry me off. And have a feast and cry a bit. You're going to be fine and live father" he shakes his head "I am not. I'd do anything to be there with you on your day and see your children and theirs but the gods deem its my time" I shake my head "the gods are wrong and they are stupid cunts if they take you" he chuckles "there's your fire...I was starting to think you'd never show it" "it's not fair" I break. He kisses my forehead and he moves over in his bed "one last time" I climb in with him "Rhaenesa you can get what he has" daemon says worried. I listen to my fathers heartbeat and he kisses my head "want to hear a story?" I chuckle tears falling. "There was a princess...she was loved by any and everyone. They wanted her to be queen. The whispers of demand reached the king. He contemplated. But the king chose his brother as his heir and that heir chose the princess for a wife." I ask like old times knowing he's talking about me "what happened next?" sniffling. Listening to his heart still. "The princess and the heir were in love blindly not knowing or acting on it. Until they agreed to marry. The princess also had her heart elsewhere." "Was the prince mad?" I ask. Looking up at him. "Gods no. He loved the princess as she is. Took her as she was. Promised she's never going to want for anything. He kept his word. The princess rides the greatest dragon known. He's soft for her but hates everyone else it seems. The dragon just as the prince and all her family is a great protector. The princess has the kindest heart. She cannot hurt a fly. This princess is cherished. Her king father fell ill. She'll grow stronger from it but not colder. She weds the prince and her other lover. She does her duties as queen and more. The kingdoms prosper because of her. She keeps her gentle heart. She has many babes with her husbands. And loves them equally. She is the queen of hearts." He replies. He strokes my cheek "I love you" "I love-father?" I ask. Hearing nothing in his chest. "Father?!" I cry shaking him. "Your grace he's gone" the maester says checking. I sob and break into my fathers chest gripping onto his shirt. "No" I cry out. "Father wake up. Please! Father" I cry shaking him crying. "My love" daemon says. I shake my head "no." He makes me look at him "I'm so sorry my love" I shake my head "no." A sob ripping from my throat. He pulls me to his chest and holds me as I sob. I can hear my mother doing the same.

Harwin comforts me as well. "Want to go to bed love?" He asks gently and I just cry. He takes me into his arms and picks me up as I grip into him the best I can with his armor on. He caresses mg back "I know Rhae. I know. We got you. Whatever you need we will get" as we walk to our now shared chambers. They spend so much time in here that they might as well call it there's as well. I nod and cry into him as we make it to my bed where they set me.

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