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Daemons pov
I find viserys at the throne. "Brother" he greets. He continues "this is about the succession" I nod "what about it? I'm your heir...right" he nods "yes you are. You will officially be named my heir." Good. "But" he adds. I furrow my eyebrows "what? What is it?" "The council think you need to be tamed before you take the crown" he tells me. Tamed? I scoff "you talk as if I'm some sort of animal brother. And I do not give a shit about what that council of small men have to say about me. What is it you want. Speak freely"

"You need to be wed brother. And not from obligation but because you truly love or atleast care for whoever she may be" he tells me and Rhaenesa comes to mind immediately. He sees the look on my face "what? What do you want?" "I want Rhaenesa. She is not yet wed and anyone that is chosen will not treat her like the queen she is. I will and have been. Wed her to me in the tradition of our house. She will be protected, and well cared for. She'll never have to want for anything in the rest of her days. Everyone else sees her and wants power from her being bonded to Balerion. I can give a shit less about whatever power she will give. I want her. We can wait until her father thinks her to be ready. But give her to me brother" I speak.

He asks "you want to wed our cousin. Our younger cousin. Daemon she is the light of the seven kingdoms. You hurt or play with her and many people will try for your life. She will make a wonderful queen brother. But I just ask for you to not to try and change her. If you cannot take her as she is leave this idea alone. I will speak to her father shortly if you indeed are serious" "no need. I will ask for her hand myself." I tell him. But first I need to talk to her. So she is not blindsided and falls into a panic. 

I find her with Harwin and talking to Larys a smile on her face. That snake bitch. I say "Nesa can I speak to you alone?" She turns around and smiles seeing me "of course" and she walks over and hugs me. I take in her scent of roses and slight burning from the last time she rode Balerion, and something sweet "did you bake again Nesa?" I ask. We have people for that. She doesn't need to risk herself. She smiles "no but I did go to the kitchens for muffins...want one?" Taking one out and offering it to me. I smile "I'm okay thank you Nesa" as we walk away from the strong brothers.

She asks "what did you need to talk to me about in privacy Daemon?" Her voice worried and then she gasps. "Rhaenesa? Hey. Nesa? Are you alright" she doesn't answer. She's seeing something. I don't bother trying to shake her out of it...it never works she just needs to see what she's seeing and come back.
and she does her eyebrows furrowed "I'm sorry what were you saying?" She says trying to brush it off.

"What did you see Nesa?" Curling her hair behind her ear. She shakes her head "i um...it doesn't matter what were you saying?" "Viserys is going to name me his heir...but" I start and she asks "but what? That's great daemon I know how much you wanted it! Congratulations" I nod "but he wants me to marry before I'm given the title" her demeanor changes and she looks...hurt. She recovers but not quick enough for me to not notice "oh. I'm happy for you" sending me a smile that doesn't reach her eyes.

She's upset. But she doesn't want me to know or change my happiness. I tell her "he told me to choose someone I hold affection for or will do so for. The council wants me to soften to be king...the only person I show emotion for and around is you Rhaenesa" she processes it "daemon" "the only person I've ever opened up to is you. He told me to choose someone I want and I want you Nesa." I continue. She blushes "daemon it's not doable..." I make her look at me "yes it is. I'm the heir to the throne and I choose you Rhaenesa. I want you to be my wife, my queen, my most trusted confidante just as you are now."

She takes my hand and leans more into it and I stroke her cheek "my father won't approve...neither will my brothers" "I can and will work on that. I'm asking you your permission to ask them for your hand Rhaenesa. If you truly do not want this. Say the word and I won't ask. This is your decision. When you look at me what do you see and feel?" I say. "A future...we're wed...a boy and a girl and a second boy in my belly. You're teaching them the ways of a sword...we're at peace" she confesses her eyes on mine. Her vision.

A beautiful vision. I rest my forehead on hers "beautiful." "I feel valued and loved here...more than ever" she tells me. "And forever you shall be nothing but that. I swear it to you Rhaenesa. Marry me" I beg. She nods "with my fathers permission...yes...I will" I look around and see no one around and I kiss her. She freezes as I move my lips against hers. I mutter "relax and move as you feel...feel" and I kiss her again and and kisses me back. Fuck I could do this forever. I break the kiss "I will find your father and brothers and ask for your hand at once" kissing her knuckles.

She smiles "should I be there?" Her dimples popping. I stroke her hair "I should get their approval without your influence my love. I will return to you shortly. Find Harwin" she nods "okay" and kisses my cheek and with that she's gone.

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