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Rhaenesa's pov
I'm kissed as we are in our shared chambers. Daemon kisses my lips as Harwin kisses at my neck his hands stripping me of my dress. I'm laid on the bed as they strip bare as I am. I sit up and grasp their cocks in my hands stroking them how they like it. They curse "gods" I take daemons cock into my mouth bobbing my head sucking him as I work Harwins with my hand twisting my wrist. Daemon grasps my hair as I look up at him through my lashes. He moves me off of him and lays me below him and kisses down my body to my cunt instantly diving in making me moan "gods!" Feeling his tongue work my clit deliciously

I focus on Harwins cock as daemon sucks orgasms from my cunt. He chuckles as I spasm. He kisses up my body and thrusts his cock into me roughly. I moan "fuck" he kisses me deeply thrusting hitting every spot that pleasures me immensely. He mutters "fuck Nesa. I'm gonna miss you so fucking much" I pull him closer "then stay" I try once more to keep him.

I'm deathly afraid to lose anyone else. He won't be here. I most likely won't get word of his death until it's too late or just about to happen. I'd never forgive myself for it. He kisses me deeply "I cannot. If the war is lost because I am not helping and they come here...I'll never forgive myself. Let's enjoy our last night my love." I kiss him softly "it does not have to be our last if you stay." He leaves me "is this what our last night will be? Talking of me leaving?"

"Daemon" Harwin warns. Daemon says "I'm doing this for you Rhaenesa! Everything I do is for and because of you!" I slip on a night gown "you leaving is not for me daemon. Don't fool yourself. And try to fool me. I do not want you to go. I love you and you are my husband...we just got wed. And we can't even enjoy it-" he cuts me off "because you won't just accept it!" "Because you are leaving me! Daemon you're leaving me! You going to fight is not for me! It's for you and your need to outdo viserys! And prove something to him. It's not about me" I snap.

He snaps back "that is not true!" "Guys calm down this isn't how we should spend our wedding night" Harwin tries but he's ignored. "Then stay" I say. He tells me "I can't!" "Why? Because property and alliance is more important than me? Your wife? I am afraid daemon! Terrified! But it doesn't seem to matter to you! I've had vision of jae dying and had one of Aemma and my father...two of those came true! I am terrified that if you go that I'll never see you again! Is that what you wanted to hear? I heard Corlys earlier. But yet you are still leaving me. Leaving our marriage just as it's started." I snap wiping my tears. "Nesa" he sighs. I shake my head "call me selfish or overbearing....I will not apologize for loving you so deeply. You're going to do as you wish and there's nothing I can do or say to make you stay. Enjoy your war" heading to my chambers. I go to bed ignoring the knocks and pleads at my door.

Next morning
I wake alone. Is he gone? I hop up and dress in

I rush around and bump into Harwin "where is he?" I ask looking around

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I rush around and bump into Harwin "where is he?" I ask looking around. "You overslept" he tells me gently. I shake my head "no. He wouldn't. He couldn't have" "he waited for as long as they would allow" he tells me. I shake my head "no" and run around calling for him. "Your Grace?" It's ser Criston. "Where's daemon?" "he just left" he tells me I shake my head "on dragon or horse?" "Horse" I nod and run to the stables "my love?" Harwin asks as I jump on a random horse and make it run out.

I catch up and stop my horse in front of him "love?" He asks and I jump off my horse and he does the same and I hit his chest repeatedly "you left without saying goodbye!" Pushing him away letting out my grief. He takes my arms and says "I wanted to. Gods I wanted to." He kisses me deeply and I melt into him "please" I beg once more knowing it's useless. "I made a promise. And I cannot chance the war getting here and you getting hurt from it." "The war is hurting me already" I tell him as he rests his forehead on mine. "You have to be strong. Trust that I will return to you. To our lives and marriage. I love you Rhaenesa. You truly are the best thing that's ever happened to me." Kissing me softly "goodbye" "no. Say something else" I beg. He smiles and tells me "I'll see you later" I nod and kiss him once more. I make myself leave him and get back on the horse I came with. He nods my way "get back to Harwin im sure he's worried. I love you" I nod "I love you" and I ride back to the redkeep.

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