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Daemons pov
She's gotten more beautiful if possible. I truly didn't think it to be so. She's so precious to me...to all of us. She's not like us. She's kind to everyone, she doesn't have a mean bone in her body. She genuinely has the purest soul. I've once found her reading to the poor kids in fleabottom and giving them food before.

There's people who wish for her to be viserys' heir. She cares about everyone. She'd give the clothes off her back if it meant you were okay. I don't like how Harwin looks at her. We stand at Aemmas and Baelons funeral. I pull her to my chest as she cries. "Shh" I soothe. Caressing her back. She tells me "I didn't think it would be true" sniffling. I pull away and wipe her tears gently and ask "what are you talking about Nesa?"

She sniffles "I saw it happen...all of it...weeks ago...I see things that don't happen all the time...and I thought it was one of these times...and she died because of me" oh no. I watch as rhaeyra says "dracarys" and the pyre burns. I tell her "this was not your fault. Okay? None of it." Stroking her cheeks. She sniffles "if I said something-" I cut her off "it wouldn't have changed their fate Nesa. It's not your fault that you're a seer, and it's not 100% certain." I pull her back into my arms and everyone leaves but her brothers and father. Jaerelyx asks "why is she crying" as Rhaelar comes over "hey Nes. Are you alright? What happened?" She shakes her head clinging to me more hiding into my chest. I kiss her head. I explain "she saw Aemma's death in a vision weeks ago...her visions aren't always 100% so she's upset it actually happened and she's blaming herself" stroking her back gently. She's the only one I show affection for. I usually don't do so much around people...prying eyes come with rumors and annoyance.

But she needs me now. Her father gently touches her "it is not your fault that your visions aren't 100%. Okay? You couldn't have known" she sniffles "but I did and I did and said nothing...the baby is dead too and now viserys and rhaenyra live in agony because I couldn't tell the truth from fiction." Jaerelyx holds his arms open for her and she curls into me for a bit "I can take her back to her chambers" I offer and they nod "of course" they agree. I lift her easily as she clings to me. She must feel terrible about this...I know she does. Her and Aemma were close. Everyone adores Rhaenesa, if you can't tell. It's hard for people to not like her. I kiss her temple "I got you Nesa." Heading to her chambers where Harwin is waiting.

He sees her and comes forward "is she alright? What happened?" I tell him "she's just upset" and he opens her door for me and I walk in and set her down on her bed and take her shoes off. I stroke her wavy hair out of her face "what do you need Nesa?" She tells me "nothing...anything I say won't change what I caused" I make her look at me "you did not cause this" "well...I didn't stop it either or try to change it. I saw it happen daemon. Viserys was standing there as they cut her open and she screamed....gods she screamed. And the babe was dead after a few hours. Not even a full day. The maesters would've been prepared if I spoke and I didn't. It's my fault" she sniffles. "I killed her as much as viserys' decision and the maesters did" she whimpers.

I kiss her forehead "fate and the gods chose this path for them Nes. Not you. You saying something wouldn't have changed the fact that things went wrong. Do not blame yourself" "but I do" she replies softly her eyes fluttering closed before she falls asleep. I sit and watch her worried.

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