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Harwins pov
I ruined everything. I kissed her. I kissed the princess who's going to be queen. I kissed Rhaenesa. Someone who trusted and befriended me. The first person to treat me as if I'm more than a knight that has a duty. I heard him and her. No one else passed by within that time thankfully. I have a duty to guard her door when she's in it or be with her at all times unless she's with someone else and they dismiss me or I stay watching carefully. Her moans music to my ears.

Daemon is going to have my head on a spike for doing what I did. I kissed his betrothed. But one thing stays at the front of my mind. She kissed me back. I kissed her and she kissed me back. But the way she looked at me...she was upset. Hurting. She started to cry. I made her cry. That's the last thing I ever wanted.

It's been a few days, agonizing over what happened and hearing them. I've been keeping my distance but still performing my duties to her. I just want her happy. If happiness is with him...her true happiness...then I'll accept it. Bite down every emotion I'm holding in my heart for her and be whatever she needs. They're going at it right now actually.

Daemons pov
I pull out of her and say "I have a gift for you" she furrows her eyebrows. I see the way she looks at Harwin. And he to her. Larys told me they kissed. He saw it. Larys is quite a spy. I kiss her "you'll like it. Promise" she nods sitting up and I go to the door "daemon?" She asks and I open it "come in ser strong" stepping aside and his eyes drink her in and then he gets his shit together "what's the meaning of this daemon?" As Nesa goes to cover up and I walk over and stop her "I want you...if she allows it. To fuck her." They both ask "what?!" I tell them "I know about the kiss you shared. I see the looks you give one another. It's the same look she gives to me. It'd be cruel to not give her what she wants. I swore she'd never want for a thing for the rest of her days. And my wife to be wants you ser strong"

Her eyes gloss "daemon it-" I kiss her into silence "it is okay my love. It's okay to want us both. I'm sure Harwin here will be willing to come to a compromise so you're truly happy...isn't that what matters? Her happiness" Harwin speaks "it means everything. But I will not touch the princess and disgrace her like this daemon." "You hear that Nesa...he wants you to say it." I chuckle kissing at her neck my hand between her thighs spreading her cunt so he sees just how wet she is. She moans at my touch. "Go on Nesa. Beg for him. Be good. You can have both of us. What the court will say does not matter you are to be queen and I'm to be the king. We are dragons and they are sheep. Let Harwin have your cunt just as I do. Unless you really do not want to." Taking my hand away. She whines "Harwin daemon...please." Harwins jaw clenches. "Go on darling" I say looking at Harwin as I leave more marks on her. "Tell him to fuck you." I say. She freezes and I can tell it's what she wants. She just needs guidance. "It's okay. Agree and we're both yours. Disagree and you'll be with me and want and wonder what if." I mutter to her. She says blush on her cheeks "fuck me harwin" that makes him snap.

He bares himself and touches her. And finally dips his head between her pale thighs. Licking at her cunt. She moans clutching his hair. And I chuckle at her kissing at her neck my hands fondling her tits. She shakes as Harwin makes her cum. He flips her onto her hands and knees and asks her "you sure?" She nods "yes" as she starts to stroke my cock. She's a natural at it. She moans as Harwin starts to fuck her. He grunts "gods youre tight" and she starts to blow me.

Harwins pov
I moan "fuck" as I take her from behind. She reaches behind her and I take her hand in mine as I drive my cock into her tight pussy, daemon fucking her throat as we both grunt. She comes to her end "where?" As I'm about to come to my own. Daemon tells me "wherever you wish. She's yours now as she is mine." He pulls her off his cock "do you want his seed and warmth my love?" Stroking the tears from her face that fell from her being breathless. She looks back at me "yes" I nod and pull her back to my chest as I fuck her to another orgasm. Daemon makes her look at him and he says "like that my love? Getting fucked by your guard? You gonna let him spill from your cunt?" She nods and he kisses her and says "good girl" and that makes her finish again and I do the same panting.

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