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Stranded by NaLu911
Strandedby NaLu911
The class split into their two assigned groups as they got onto their planes, ready to start their amazing internship opportunities in The United States. Unfortunately...
Entanglement  by notwhorosethinks
Entanglement by Notwhorosethinks
Sirius and Remus are together and have found themselves catching feelings for a beautiful little hufflepuff who they share. Read and find out (I suck at descriptions)...
❝ ZORO X READER X LUFFY ❞ ワンピース ➺ Y/n L/n, a straw hat pirate, is travelling with the others across the sea but due to the lack of distractions, you finally have some...
Sentire, a Hogwarts Legacy story by AlentiaHart
Sentire, a Hogwarts Legacy storyby AlentiaHart
Now sixth-year Terra Hart struggles to face the consequences of her actions in her fifth year, alongside her closest friends Sebastian Sallow and Ominis Gaunt. As the Mi...
Good Girls (Lesbian Fanfiction) by NikkiKordei
Good Girls (Lesbian Fanfiction)by Gay Author
Chloe and Halle Bailey are the type of daughters parents wish to have. They're intelligent, respectful, wholesome, and most importantly, sexually pure! But when their fa...
Triangle love/ MICKEY AND IAN FANFIC by KeiraE7
Triangle love/ MICKEY AND IAN Keira Emanuel
A low life thug, a bipolar queer and a chick!? A three-way relationship with Ian Gallagher, Mickey Milkovich and Bella Langston. How the heck does a relationship with th...
jealous love(dteam) by teargnff
jealous love(dteam)by Karl
tw:self harm,suicide attemps,eating disorders and more Its George's first day at a new school, he is partnered with a but what he doesn't know is that the boy already ha...
Us Happy Three by MStrong1726
Us Happy Threeby M. Starkweather
TwoSetViolin x Reader Bee (23) is a young woman in a three way relationship with Brett Yang and Eddy Chen, also known as TwoSetViolin. Their relationship is completely...
Polyamory | Star Trek (Spirk x OC) by Jayden_The_Enby_Boi
Polyamory | Star Trek (Spirk x OC)by Jason T. Winters
James T. Kirk was confident in his path in life. Just one more year in the academy and he'd graduate and be a captain in no time. But, while he still can, he was gonna h...
You Drive Me Insane  by treble_maker1212
You Drive Me Insane by treble_maker1212
Lonny is an aspiring musician who has just moved to LA from Canada, but quickly realizes he needs a roommate to be able to afford his apartment. Andy is a successful mod...
Daddys's little one by Ash_crispy
Daddys's little oneby Ashes_graves
In a world we're littles are very common, follow the life of Jack and his three partners who are also his caregivers! (This is an agere story, also a bxbxbxb story.)
Janae by ThePinkSpot
Janaeby B
If given half a chance Janae would ignore her feelings, drop everything, and walk away. But that was just it- she'd never had half a chance. It had been lust at first si...
Bite Me (boy x boy) by tayrobb57
Bite Me (boy x boy)by Taylor Robbins
Being the semi-new kid in high school was hard enough, but getting caught in the middle of a mating bond with a two powerful werewolves and a war between supernatural cr...
The Banana Bunch (Amphibia/Sashannarcy)  by Ohsoclever1
The Banana Bunch (Amphibia/ Ohsoclever1
The Banana Bunch is series of one shots that follows the Trio as they navigate marriage, life, and parenthood. Join this journey filled with heart warming humor, domesti...
Their secret: back in business (sᴇᴀsᴏɴ 5) by ficsfx
Their secret: back in business (sᴇ T+Z
After season 4, things were left unanswered and unsolved, now 10 years later, the throuple is back in mystic falls for a visit. What happens when old faces come to see t...
𝑺𝒊𝒍𝒆𝒏𝒕 // 𝑩𝒙𝑩𝒙𝑩 [DISCONTINUED] by chr0niclvr
𝑺𝒊𝒍𝒆𝒏𝒕 // 𝑩𝒙𝑩𝒙𝑩 [ ali’s done writing
17 year old Rowan and his parents move to a new state where he forms and unexpected bond with two other boys.
What are you waiting for (Leon x Joshua x Serge) by moodyfairy14
What are you waiting for (Leon x Moodyfairy
It's World Cup qualification again and the German national team gathers in Hamburg. Three idiots dance around their feelings. How long can they hold out? (Translated in...
their sugar; jikook x oc by paradisepjm
their sugar; jikook x ocby 𝘧𝘢𝘦 🤍
all remington gray wanted to do was start her new life as a journalist in sunny santa monica. she had no idea she would run into jimin and jungkook, the insanely hot own...
Biohazard  by tamiki_is_bae
Biohazard by Shiggy_simp🥺
A group of kids drop out out of U.A to join the league of villains to raise hell and give the world what it deserves
Party in the Wisteria Trees: A InoTanZen Fanfic  by that-fern-is-tasty
Party in the Wisteria Trees: A that-fern-is-tasty
Tanjiro, Zenitsu, and Inosuke are tasked with throwing Master Kagaya a party, but, to their collective surprise, they start to fall for eachother along the way.