part 23

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I wake up liam and dress him up and we go downstairs for breakfast. I meet lucas on my way so we go together and we make some small talks while walking.

Liam outfits

Liam outfits

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We reach the dining table and they all greeted me except for the two bitches (stephany and sonia) . I eat some french cusine and i completely missed that .

 I eat some french cusine and i completely missed that

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Yes i  will eat all of this and i was getting some looks from my family but who cares. It was not like my stomach will be full from their looks. Liam also had a small potion same like this.

There was complete silent except munching of food sound. But my father decide to break the silence . "Eva  from  tomorrow , you are starting school together with kyro , tony, sonia and lucas. There will be your cousins also but you will meet them the day after",my father said to me .

I am very grateful for this as i will not have to tolerate all of you but these siblings are not leaving me alone. Ace was giving the look like when did you stay at home since you came .

After this , i started replying to my emails ."Papá, recibí un correo electrónico esta mañana de la mafia estadounidense de que tienen algo de qué hablar para tratar de formar una alianza con la mafia francesa', Ace started talking in Spanish. (Dad , i got an email this morning from the American mafia that  they have something to talk about trying to form an alliance with the French mafia.)

Now this actually caught my attention. I still kept looking on my phone like pretending not to understand what they're saying. 

"cuándo es la reunión y qué tipo de alianza formar con la mafia francesa" my father asked to Ace.(when is the meeting and what kind of alliance to form with the French mafia.)

"No sé algo acerca de unir las manos como la amistad", Ace replied.( I don't know something about joining hands together  like friendship.)

"sabes nah que la mafia francesa es como el número 1 y no necesitan ninguna alianza para volverse más fuertes", father said to Ace. (you know nah that the French mafia is like the number 1 and they don't need some alliance to become stronger.)

I feel good to hear compliments about my mafia and that they know who  is the best.

"Tal vez este sábado y dijeron tener una cena familiar completa con todos nosotros", Ace said to my father .
(Maybe this Saturday and they said to have a full family dinner with all of us)

"Sería seguro formar una alianza con la mafia francesa?", Ryan inquired. (would it be safe to form an alliance with the French mafia .)  The fear was evident in his voice when he said the 'French mafia '.

"ok, bien, nos aseguraremos de no ofenderlos. Aunque nuestra mafia solo es tercera para ellos, hay una gran diferencia entre 1 y 3," Dad said to them. (ok fine we'll make sure not to offend them(the French mafia) Although our mafia is only third to them but there is a huge difference between 1 and 3.)

The Spanish and America mafia are closed since 50 years. They stopped their conversations and continued to eat.
This dinner is  definitely going to be interesting as their will be some familiar faces.

A few minutes later , sonia walked to kyro with her face painted with makeup and kissed him on his cheeks and looked at me for some sort of reaction.  When i didn't even spare them a glance and continued replying to my emails, she huffed and went to continue his breakfast.

Who does that in between when someone is eating . I looked at my father and said to him with an arrogant tone " show your daughter some discipline, she is making me feel disgusted with her "  and  i  ignored them like i hadn't said that to him.

Lucas was trying not to laugh and i looked towards my brothers , they were in the same situation. I turned to see sonia was giving her killer stares that even liam will not be scare.

Hey bitch , don't give me this look, it's making me getting the vibes like someone has thrown their shits on you . My baby will not be scare of you .

When i have come to this house , i can't control my language infront of my child.

"Alright kids, so there's a business dinner this Saturday and it's a family dinner so we're all going.  Make sure to have no other plans and tomorrow we will go shopping to get your suits and dresses for the dinner as today is Wednesday and there is 3 days left", my father said to all of us.

Sonia squealed no jumping when hearing shopping and started talking with stephany about which dress to buy. I just lazily nod without looking up from my phone .

"Liam you will meet them and especially him at the dinner this Saturday" i raised my one eyebrow and he understood what I am saying. When he heard that he started jumping happily and asking me if this is true.

My family was looking at me confusingly but they didn't ask anything.  Sonia and stephany didn't hear it as they were in their own world shopping.

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