part 27

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"What? Did you forget your fiancee in just a fucking weeks"He said to me in an angry tone.

But i know he was trying to be angry but he can't.

He loves me so much that he can't remain angry for a long time.

That's why i decided to play his game not knowing each other in the class . I looked at him and pouted 'I am angry at you for talking to me like that in the class' i said to him. "And who was talking to him in that attitude ", i thought in my mind.

He became completely scared and secured his hands on my waist more tightly.

"I put my hands on his face and gently rub it and looked into his eyes  with loves  , i will never be angry with you and you will do the same ", i said to him and gave him a smile.

"Babe don't ever said that you know nah , i can't live without you ", he said to me in his gentle tone.

"Sorry i was a little angry that you didn't call me just one message saying you're moving to spain with your biological family and you will talk later ," he said.

"You know when i saw you in the class looking so fucking hot , i wanted to take you there but i control but now i can't",he said to me coming near my neck.

He started giving me wet kisses on my neck and literally sucking on it that i am damn sure it will left hickeys.

He had me pressed up against the wall beside us and he moves his hands to my boobs.

He moves up to my lips and he started kissing and biting my lips. I felt myself being wet between my legs. I clenched my legs tightly together quickly to control myself  but killian noticed it.

I was embarrassed that he saw it and i closed my eyes to avoid looking at him. I felt his hot breath near my neck but i continued closing my eyes .

"In just a small make out , you got wet", he whispers to me seductively.

After this he lifted me and put me on a table and he separated both my legs.

He removed my pants and panty leaving me completely bared infront of him. He was looking at me with lust but more with love.

He started sucking  and rubbing my clits. His touch is heavenly and i was moaning with all this pleasure from his gentle assault . My legs tense and i am about to cum but killian started rubbing my clits faster and i couldn't control it , i cum and he ate me clean. I took a few breaths   while i hugged him.

"You are the sweetest thing that i can eat everyday ", he said to me and i am back to being embarrassed .

I hide my face on his crook neck and i hit him on his chest lightly telling him to stop teasing me.

He helped me to put my clothes on and he leaned forward and kissed me on my forehead.

"Babe, i am not done with you and i will come to meet you tonight ", he said to me  and he kissed me on my cheeks.

"Hehe , love you forgot that there will be liam at home ",i said to him in a duh tone.

He thought for sometimes and he immediately started removing my clothes. "Then we must have our love sessions here" ,he was showing me his devilish smile.

We had sex for 3 hours and i am completely tired that  i can't even walk properly after this. I cum multiple times but killian was not tired and he regained his strength quickly.

I can't say anything because i completely loved it and enjoyed it. After this , he lifted me up and carried me on his waist.  I hide myself on his neck and he walked towards the parking lot. He put me on the passenger seat and he drove away.

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