part 28

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Smut scenes

After this, we reach killian's  safe house. He pick me up and bring me to our room. We don't often come here but i have my spare clothes here for emergency.

And he leads us to the washroom. He gently removes my clothes and i was looking fixed in his eyes. I can spend my day just watching him. Fuck , he is so hot . I don't feel uncomfortable infront of him but i was completely red-faced and he was enjoying it.

I hit his hand and go inside the bathtub but i feel one hand grab my waist. I turn to see killian completely naked and i was shocked for a second that how fast did he take off his clothes.

"Babe let's take a shower together please", killian asked me lovingly. I was looking at him like ' if i say no, will you back off' and he shook his head.

"Ok fine but don't do anything ",i said to him. He was smiling when i said that. We went in the bathtub  and he puts me on his lap even if there is space as it fits almost three persons. I didn't say anything and he started putting shower gels on my body.

He was touching and rubbing my boobs gently and i was fucking getting aroused but i tried to control it.

After sometimes something was pocking my ass and i know what it was. But i play dumb infront of him. He was still playing with my boobs and i can't control it now.

"Babe, do you want me?", killian said to me near my ear which warm breath was full of sexual desire and i was blushing . I couldn't resist it and subconsciously answered ,"yes"!.

Hearing that, he got excited and he suddenly turns my head and kiss me.... i closed my eyes and deepened the kiss. He rounded his hand  around my waist and pulled me more on him. I was completely laying on him and my breasts was rubbing against his broad chest.

The kiss became more deeper and intense and he pushed his tongue inside my mouth  and a war began between our tongues and he pressed me more on him.

His hard dick was rubbing on my pussy  and i was giving a soft but horny and lusty moan. He was completely enjoying my movements and my moans.

He adjusted me on his lap  facing him  and he kissed my neck and i blushed. He suddenly put his dick inside my pussy and moved rapidly.

I moaned in pain but the pain was soon replaced by pleasure. In the following hours ,we kept making love and orgasmed  again and again till both of us  were exhausted. In between, he changed places to fuck and i can't even count how many things have broken.

After this, he puts one of his hoodie on me and i completely love to wear his clothes. We slept for sometime as we are completely tired.

Smut scene over

At 6.45 pm

I wake up and saw killian was sleeping while cuddling me. Aww , he is looking cute and innocent like this not a lustfull person hours ago. I took some selfies without making a noise and gently replaced a pillow in my place and went to the walk-in closet to change.

I looked at myself and stood dumbfolded for some seconds by looking at so many hickeys on my body. I was a little angry at him but didn't have times to waste.

I covered all of this with concealer and choose a comfortable outfits. I kissed killian's cheeks before going .

Eva's outfits

I dove towards my father's home faster before dinner

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I dove towards my father's home faster before dinner. But i didn't make it and i enter when all of them had taken their places.

I went to sit beside liam without even talking to them. I know all of them was looking at me angrily but i ignored their stares.

"Hi baby , how was your day with your grandfather and uncle Ace", i asked liam adorably by kissing his cheeks.

"Mommy i missed you " , he tell me and make graby hands to hug him. I lift him and sat him on my lap and then our dinner was here.

"It was fun and grandpa bought me a lot of toys but you know i don't regularly play with them so i asked him to buy me an  iPad", he replied to me. When he finished talking, i started feeding him and he accepted it excitedly.

We were reaching our end of our meal but my father decided to ruin the peaceful atmosphere. Everyone was silent without hearing a noise even the two bitches was behaving.

"Eva meet me at my office to have a talk after the dinner", he said to me coldly. After this , i told lucas to play with liam while i go to have a talk with father.

I enter and see all my brothers there except lucas. There will be a lot of dramas and please god give me patience for all this.

I walked directly towards the chair and sit without asking his permission." Yes dad , what you want to talk about with me ?", i asked him coldly.

"I heard from your brother that you bunked school and where were you", he asked me." I had some business related work  to do" , i answered to him concisely.

"Shut up , i know you're lying and just tell me the truth " he shouted at me angrily.  Because i had my assistant check if you were in your office and don't even asked how i did that as i have connections,  he said to me.

"And where the fuck did you change a different outfit",  he questioned me coldly. "Well you are quite smart in this case " i replied to him.

But you wasn't years ago in your wife's case and when i came here , i thought you were dumb for being like this. You even believed a one sided story without searching other proofs. When i said that my father looked shocked and even my brothers.

I stand up and walk but i stopped and turn and looked  in his eyes.  You will know that later because you will eventually know it. I paused after i said that and told him while shooking my head as i am disappointed "I was ashamed to know you were the ex don of the Spanish mafia as you were so  stupid " and i turned and walked out of the room ignoring their shocked faces.

Killian safe house

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