part 12

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I am going to take Liam to shopping as we enjoy spending money and  love buying the new items that have recently come .

First we went to the clothing section and then to the shoes section.

I bought some cute sneakers  for Liam and me  and  also some latest high heels .

We went at the jewelry shop and I ordered some custom made jewelry. The people was shocked as I was ordering a lot but like I care it's my money not theirs.

We went to Starbucks and book a cab  and went to my father home with so many stuffs.

After we reached I ask two bodyguard who open the gate to take my things in my room.

When they were passing through the living room there were sonia and my so called step mother stephany  ,they didn't see me but just the bodyguards and the shopping bags.

"Oh my ,look sonia your father love us and see he ordered all the things for us",stephany said. Yes ,I had said to father to bring me to shopping but he had no time ,so he ordered these things for us", sonia said in a excited tone.

Just then my father was coming downstairs , daddy ,thank you for buying us so much things, sonia said.

"My father was looking at Sonia confusingly . What are you talking about and what things I had bought", my father said.

Sonia was looking confused and then I decided to break their family time . I have bought all these for me and my son not for you .

After talking ,I ignored there gaze and went upstairs with Liam as if they don't exist.

It was already 3.00 pm and I decided to call my third in command as he took care of everything in spain. Addy  have worked with me since I started my business and he is very loyal to me . He is 30 years old .

"Hello ma'am", he said. well hello , I want to inform you that all my works will move to spain as I have to live with my biological family.

Tell all men to shift here and email me all the paper works. Ok bye ,I will call you later.

My work story

When  I knew I was pregnant  I decided to keep the child  and I had started to fend myself since then. I knew I have to become stronger for me and my child.

So in my 3 months pregnancy I joined street racing to make a living.

After delivery Liam, I decided to start my own mafia so to get capital I work harder such as assassin, street fighting and  racing.

I became the most feared assassin the red killer and number 1 in the world.

Everyone knew my name but they don't know my face as I wore a mask. Only my loyal employees know me.

After that I started my own business and it was a huge success for me and I  became a famous fashion designer and everyone fought to work with me.

I have my own hacker's team and they gave me all the information about my enemy and other also.

So there is no one who can betrayed me as I know everyone weakness plus they got so many benefits from me .

They will regret betraying me as they have seen my ruthlessness and I don't think twice to kill someone even if they are my close one's.

Even if sophia is my best friend and like a sister for me but I don't trust her completely as life have show me a lot.

I have learned a lot and this have been my strength and I only have one weakness that is Liam.

But I have teach him to protect himself and he is also a genius like me . He is the second in hacking known as devil and my hacking name is Red devil . Just  Liam know that I am a hacker . It is my Trump card if someone betrayed me .

I always monitor sophia as you can never know and  I have created a tracker  that only I can decode it .

I used it to monitor my enemy ,even my so called family and they don't even know.  I know many secrets of them  especially my so called stepmother and sister .

I will not expose them as they are of my use as my games have only started. They played a very major roles in my games .

They won't even know that they're  only a chess piece in my whole game.

To be continue..............................................

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