part 21

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I go inside my room and cuddle with liam to watch his favorite cartoon.  I spend times with him to replenish my mood. No , they can't affect me like that. I feel like killing someone today because of that. I need to vent my anger on someone so i text Addy to check if i have missions to do.

"Did the sun rise in the wrong direction today" he reply immediately. Yeah, i know that i didn't take missions like in 2 months but i am feeling like killing someone today.

Ok , i will send you the target information in 10 minutes  and please make sometime for your mafia also . You can't throw all your works on me . Ok bye , send me the information quickly.  I avoid his texts as i know what he will complain .

For what i pay him if he cannot handle this much workloads and he is not ashamed to tell a 16 year old to work , yeah i know i am the boss but still.

After sometimes later, i received his text and saw my target . Seeing how he looks like and his information, i tell liam to check his location and texts.

I could even do that but liam love to do that he get thrill to help me to eliminate bad people like him. People like him  are completely sinners and they  don't deserve to like even a moment.

Target photo and information

Target photo and information

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Name : vincent grey


Crimes: child trafficking, kidnapping, rapes,murdered small girls,selling drugs.

Liam hacks his location and tells me his address. He even told me that he will go at the new club named star tonight.

It is the perfect time to kill him there as the club is mine . I could do anything without getting caught and even if the club was not mine , i could still not get caught as i am the powerful assassin.

During lunch time  , i went downstairs and eat my lunch in silent with liam without even talking with anyone. After the lunch, i went to my room to do my skin care routine and did for liam also. I took some cute pictures of him as  he was helpless and he couldn't refuse me . So he lets me take some pictures and i also took some together with our masks on.

After that we went to the cinema room and watched some Netflix while munching on popcorns and snacks. I don't know when but we did fell asleep.

At 5.30 pm , i woke up and pick liam to go to my room. I put him on the bed carefully to not wake him. I went to dress up for my mission and decided to wear a sexy dress as the target is a pervert.

It will easily attract him and it will  not waste my time on that. So i wear a black dress and a matching heels. I put a smoky makeup and let my hair loose on my back.

My dress

My dress

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