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Their sunshine returns by LittleDreamAndThings
Their sunshine returnsby Little Dreams
Luna Costello was kidnapped at the age of 2. She had 3 brothers and loving parents. Not that she can remember. She was kidnapped by a rivel mafia and then sold at the a...
Janessa by materialgworlll_
Janessaby materialgworlll_
Meet Janessa Raines.. A 17 Year Old Assassin, Business Owner And Mom.. She was kidnapped at 1 by her families rival and she endured pain all the way up to 12. She was t...
  The mafia Queen (EVA DE LUCA) by Nihalika27
The mafia Queen (EVA DE LUCA)by angel_love27
Eva de luca (king) , an assassin, racer, fighter, hacker, and billionaire. Antonio king, father of 5 sons and 2 daughter sonia and eva (not twins). At the age of 4 yea...
Rockabye •Descendants by prettyinpink1106
Rockabye •Descendantsby prettyinpink1106
Daughter of King Eric and Queen Ariel had everything. Princess Serena was once the jewel of Prince Ben's world. That was, until Serena found herself pregnant. Three year...
The Unstoppable Zuri by dreamsmadereal
The Unstoppable Zuriby Jess Gonzalez
*featured on the official Wattpad Beauty profile* Being a normal teen was never really on the agenda anyway... At only sixteen, Zuri finds herself pregnant with the baby...
Eleonora| Slow Updates by itscandybizh
Eleonora| Slow Updatesby Candy
I-I killed him. I finally killed him, I killed my stepfather...... What will happen.... ================================ A teen mother but has a secret, she is one of th...
Rosalie  by ReaReadsAndWrites
Rosalie by Rea
Rosalie DeLuca. An accomplished assassin. A feared mafia leader. A skilled fighter. A reigning champion. Been through hell and back. Not once has she given up despite ha...
The New Girl and Her Daughter (Completed) by HiCallMeKay
The New Girl and Her Daughter (Com...by Kay Greenfield
COMPLETE Laura Grey was put up for adoption at the age of two. At the orphanage, she was frowned upon after she got pregnant by her boyfriend Mike at the age of 16. whe...
Jaden hossler  by enidandaldenswife
Jaden hossler by Glenn’s wife <3
What happens after you have a one night stand with Jaden hossler and end up moving into sway
The car crash that changed lives by emmaolivia15
The car crash that changed livesby emmaolivia15
Amelia is an average 15 year old girl till one day her whole life gets turned upside down and she ends up being a teen mum but not in the way you think......
Pregnant by Vinnie Hacker by im2frwitdrake
Pregnant by Vinnie Hackerby Uhmduhhh
In which y/n and Vinnie do a one night stand and forget protection...
Bad boy is my baby daddy  by jobarnett24
Bad boy is my baby daddy by Jo barnett
Hadley Taylor is the average 16 year old. Good grades, kind, respectful and the one girl with the most crazy, outgoing friend there is. After one drunk mistake at a part...
Loving you by LeighMaddison
Loving youby LeighMaddison
Jasmine is trying to balance all the factors of being in a new school and away from all her old friends. How will her new friends act when they find out she's got a chil...
forever my baby by urthangel
forever my babyby urthangel
"i love you maddy. you're my entire world." "i love you too, you're forever my mom." "and you're forever my baby." → sequel to my best frie...
baby on tour •|h.s|• by 17black28avocados
baby on tour •|h.s|•by carolina.angel
Nora was struggling with being a single teenage mother. Having a rocky relationship with her ex Jake makes her life a whole lot harder, but what's going to happen when s...
Willa leykensen x female OC by your-moms_a-hoe
Willa leykensen x female OCby Ender
Willa lykensen likes Zed twin sister zara she is a zombie and falls in love with Willa the werewolf. Willa Zara get pregnant. Read to find out more
A Heart of Gold {Completed✔} by writing_princess16
A Heart of Gold {Completed✔}by Kiera
COMPLETED✔✔ I sighed, glancing at Ivy. "Why are you so stupid?" I rubbed my forehead.. What could I do? She was doing something dumb, but I couldn't judge beca...
Summer of Stars 🌟 [complete - Under Editing] by WhiskeySeattle
Summer of Stars 🌟 [complete - Und...by Caerley
What would you do if you were suddenly famous for reasons you couldn't explain? Opening for Ninja Bear, the hottest boy band in the world, should have been a dream come...
An Expectant Whirlwind by LittleIdazle
An Expectant Whirlwindby Izzy
At the age of sixteen, Marinette discovers just how easily a person's life can change. It only took one decision, one beautiful night, to send her life reeling in what s...
Magical Love by SarinaSmith7
Magical Loveby Sarina Smith
Elena has a twin sister named Alexis. Another Doppelganger. However, one of the major differences between the two twins is that Alexis got pregnant and gave birth to twi...