part 4

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After some hours later of arranging my clothes and other things, i asked Sophia about the school.

She was hesitanted, but after some time, she started to speak. The school is to train people to become assassins, but the training are very cruel.

You would wish to die rather than training. They abused, beat, whipped or starved people who refuse to follow their instructions.

Sophia( pov)

I came here a week ago, so i also didn't know much about the school.

I had asked a few fellow but they told me that "i will know by myself". Maybe the trainer had told them to not tell anybody.

I was kidnapped to be here, some people took me from the orphanage that i stayed.

There were other children by my side, i was crying  and one of the people had slapped me hard that i passed out.

I woke up in this room, and some people came to take me somewhere, i had remained quiet without asking them any questions.

Because i knew they would not told me,we reached an office, there was a man sitting there, he was staring at me.

He introduced himself, named, Fred  Antony
, he came closer and he started touching me inappropriately, i stepped a few steps away.

Then he stopped and told the men behind to take me back to my room. But he was still looking at me, checking me.

I was very disgusted by him, he was triple my age but he was liked that.

When i returned to my room that i was given, there was a bathroom attached to it, i went inside and rubbed my body where he touched me.

I had spent the week by asking some boys around my age about this school but apart that information, i got nothing.

I had not started the training yet.

When i finished telling Eva, i turned to see her, she was shocked.

I pity her, she is very young, i didnot notice, i was crying for her.

What will we faced in this school?

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