part 24

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When we finished breakfast, i went to my office to do some works. I also took liam with me . I put some selena gomez songs on full volume while driving and we were singing our lungs out .

It was funny as liam was not pronouncing some words correctly and he is looking very cute. What can i do he is four .

I took him on my lap on the driving seat and put his hands on the wheel. He was very excited and i was trying to show him how to drive. He became very interested  and silently following me.

We reached the office but he started pouting as his lessons are incomplete. Ok stop making these faces and when i have time i will show you.

He happily agreed and started walking two steps ahead of him. He knows all the way of this office as he has a photogenic mind. "Mommy , can i go to the IT  department please," he said to me in his cute style and i can't say no to him.

I signal my two bodyguards and they understood their works. Okay fine , i will go to my office and when i finished my works , i will meet you to take you for lunch. 

After this , he left and i went my way. I know he will show  some  of his talents to my employees. I went to  my office and saw sophia there and she talked about my schedule for today.

I only have 3 meetings with some investors to invest on the opening of my new clubs . I know they will agree as they will gain only profits not losses.

After this , sophia went to do her works and i started checking the contents of the files for the meetings. During this ,i called one of my bodyguard to ask about liam. " Hello ma'am", he answered.  "Hello , what is liam doing " , i asked him in my professional tone.

"Ma'am ,he is showing them how to secure the data by  creating some strong firewall" he replied to me . And he is yelling at them in French if they are not doing their works properly.

"Hehe, okay" i said to him and cut the call.  During lunch time , i went to pick liam and we went to a well-known Chinese restaurant to eat . After this ,we we went home as i am done with my work.

After reaching , i saw all my brothers there . I greeted them and they also greeted me. "Don't you have jobs to do , i always see you home " i asked the coldly.

"Hey , don't show this attitude and its just not normal for you to work at this age " kyro replied to me .

"Ok, ok  stop all this " Tony said to stop our arguments." Eva will you play basketball together with us please" Tony asked me in a childish way.

"Please say yes please " he is constantly asking me. I looked at liam and asked him " baby will you play" in a gentle voice.  He nodded his head and he is practically jumping excitedly.

Ok fine let's me change and i will meet all of you in 20 minutes.  They all started running towards their rooms and they were looking like a kid at this age. Maybe it would be better to improve our relationship but i will not forgive them. I am stubborn.

We went to my room and  i pick an outfit for me and liam . After this we click some pictures to post on Instagram .

Eva Outfits

Eva Outfits

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Liam outfits

Liam outfits

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Fuck all my tattoos  are appearing in it but who cares . ( sorry i forgot to mention this parts and now i am writing it ) . We went downstairs to see all of them ready and my father has also returned home.

"Wow you looked so cool with these tattoos " ,lucas said in a surprise voice to me. And this caught all their attentions. They were giving me looks . "Ok stop with all this and please don't asked me any questions about this as you all have tattoos ", i said to them .

Let's go to play before i changed my mind. All of them followed behind me and i walked towards the basketball court.

We formed a team of three but i got one extra  and he is my cute baby. There is lucas ,Ace,liam and me and in the other there is Kyro, Ryan and Tony.

Before the match ,Tony asked me the dumbest question.  "Do you know how to play basketball ",he said to me. I rolled my eyes at him  and asked him "are you for real right now " . If i didn't know how to play why do you think i agreed with you. Do you think i will make a fool of myself here .

I turned towards my father and asked him " did he suffer from any kind of head injury to become stupid like that" .

All of them laughed at him and he was looking embarrassed but what can he do . Let's start the game  and we played really well . We well coordinated on our teams and liam also was perfect passing the ball and i constantly kept putting goal.

"Uncle passed the ball here ", liam was freaking shouting at Ace for passing the ball to him. Ace looked shock but he passed him the ball and liam passed it to lucas. I saw there was tears in Ace eyes' but he rubbed it off .

After this , i saw he was picking liam up for him to score a goal and liam was very happy.  He put liam on his shoulder and ran around the  basketball court .

My father was filming all of this and i was watching how liam was laughing so much. I walked towards my father and told him to send me the video.  He nodded happily and liam was screaming 'we won' loudly.

"The losers will have to give liam what he asked for with your owned money. You can fulfill his wish tomorrow when we are going to shopping," Ace said to the loser team.

They all agreed helplessly and Tony was complaining that he don't get enough of pocket money  like literally ' 100000 dollars' in a week is not enough for him . All of us ignored him and went to shower. I took liam and placed him on the bathtub filled with bubbles. And he started playing with it and i went to choose an outfit for him .

In the meantime,  i sent liam video's to  him. And he immediately replied to me by sending a video of her playing on her playroom. 

Oh god , it's making me missed them but it's okay i will meet her after 3 days .

I sent him 'bye see you tomorrow '.........

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