part 10

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"Why is she here ", I heard someone speaking while I was walking.

"Yes dad why is she here after all that she had done" I heard another voice.

I was thinking how will I make an entry as I was near the door.i look at Liam and he smile at me like he knows what I will do.

I kick the door and it makes a loud noise and what I see was all of the people looking shock towards the door.

I walk hand in hand with Liam towards an empty seat.i found two seats near Ace ,my older brother, I called a maid who was standing near the kitchen door .

"Are there any high chair for kid", I asked.
She shook her her and I rolled my eyes at her .

Look like he have to adjust for today. I return to my seat and place Liam on my lap.

He pout as I always do that and he consider himself an adult . But what can I do ,I am a  mother  and I worry about his safety.

I know he is happy on the inside but he does not show. I smile when he is making these face ,he look at me like he is angry.

Our moments was interrupt by my father and I glare at him like really.

"What's your problem "I said in an angry tone. I raise my head to see everyone .

Ryan (second oldest brother) is sitting beside ace .kyro (third brother) ,Tony ( fifth brother ),sonia  are sitting opposite me .

My father  sit in the head of the family place and there was a woman sitting beside sonia.

I  don't know  her  and I didn't see lucas (sixth brother) .Then my father talks, "introduce yourself as she won't remember us" , he said .

I roll my eyes at him and Liam was staring at him . But I lets them introduced themselves.

"Let's introduce from the eldest to youngest " Ace said.

"I am Ace ,your eldest brother ,I am happy you're back "he talk with his emotionless face. " (like I will believe, I said in my head)

"I am Ryan ,your second  brother " he said with a smile on his face. I just glare at him.

There was five minutes when it was kyro turn to introduce but he was busy glaring at me .

"Introduce yourself properly" my father said in a angry tone.

"I am kryo and only sonia brother's not you bitch" he said .

I grab a fork and threw it at him ,It stuck on his chair  near his neck .He stay still as he know that if it didn't miss  it would go on his neck.

"Don't cuss infront of my kid or else you would be dead and remember it was a warning as I never miss my target " I said in a cold voice.

Everyone was shock but they returned to normal except for sonia and that woman was looking scared.

"Continue" my father said .
"I am Tony " he said , "I am sonia "she said in a panicked voice as she was scared from my stunt.

Then I heard the woman talk .

"I am stephany ,your step mother " she said with a fake smile.

I glare at my father in surprise ,he is looking at me in a guilty look but like I care . How many years is it of  your  marriage.

  "Eleven years " she said and she look excited.

I want to kill her now but I control myself .so he forgot his wife in  a few years .

"Ohh , I am Eva de luca  and  he is Liam my son " I introduce myself . The maid came to serve us but all was glaring at me with a hateful look.

They were looking at my every step but I ignore them as I was feeding Liam.

At that time , I got a call and it was the  interior designer call,I pick it .

But  at that time my father ask me to put it on speaker as it was a rule in this house.

I roll my eyes at him in a disgusting look as It is my privacy. But I put it on as it was not a confidential work and they will know what I had done.

"Hello " I said .
"Ma'am ,I  already completed my work ,you can go to see if you are disappointed with it ,I will redo it " ,he said.

"Ok ,you can go now as I am having my dinner later I will call if  I will change something " I said .

"Thanks for your work in this short time" I said .

"Your welcome and bye ma'am " he said .

I end the call and continued with my dinner. I ignore the looks I was getting.

"Who is it" ,my father ask.

"My interior designer " I reply.

"For what"  like really all the questions I will answer.

"To redo my room as all was completely pink ,I was digusted to go in that room "I said in a duh  tone .

"Daddy look what she is saying about my favorite colour" ,sonia said .

I wanted to vomit by hearing the word daddy but I ignore them and continue to eat.

"How must it cost I will transfer it " my father said. One million but no need I already paid .

"What where did you get so much money" he said in a surprise voice.

None of your business and I can  take care of myself with or without you.

He look hurt but I don't care and I get up  and went to my room .

When I was walking to the stairs I saw everyone following me.

I stop and look at them , 'we want to see your room that cost that much' Ace explains.

I ignore them and walk towards my room.

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