part 13

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Well i also own some companies such as clothing, make-up, jewelries. I have just started to enter in management business as i was bored and i got a degree on business and management. It's been 3 years and the business has became first in the world. I have got billions of profits and good reviews on the business.

Sophia managed this side of my business and addy the other side. But i took all the major decisions and without my permission a thing is not moved.

The most important thing, i forgot to mention is that i am the most powerful mafia's the French mafia. I took over after i killed the leader and after i took over i made it reached to the the top and everyone feared me. They have heard the cruelty of my mafia.

I don't even blink to decide to kill someone. Also liam has a source of income for himself through hacking. But he does not spend it as i love to pamper him with money.

My first priority is always liam, second is my mafia and career.

My other professional is in medicine. I am a doctor, not the average doctor but a genius doctor who can bring a person who is near to dead back to life. Every reputed person know my name  and I wore a mask to cover my face just my eyes are seen.

I have never failed any surgeries in my whole life. Many fought to learn from me. But i said no as i am busy, i don't have time . I only do one operation in a month and especially someone critical. I don't care if they are rich or not as they are same for me.

Present time

I am eating silently my breakfast with liam but all of them are staring at me like i am some ghost.

"What", i broke their glazes by asking. "Well, i have already enrolled you in the college same with your siblings", my father said.

And for your son i have already arranged a kindergarten near the house just 30 minutes of driving.

I don't want your arrangements for me and my son. I will take care of that just take care for your own children.

"You are also my child and i am your father, give me some respect when you're talking as no one has talked to me like that", my father said in an angry tone.

Haha, haha, haha, haha, haha, haha, haha haha, i am laughing like i have been possessed and liam is laughing with me.

After some time, i stop and look at my father in his eyes. Liam go to your room, i want to talk something please without breaking the eye contact with my father .

He said okay and left to our room. What did you say, i am your child and give you some respect. Is this some kind of a joke you're telling me, i said in a questioning tone.

When you left me in that fucking boarding school you have lost all my feelings and respects for all of you.

Without even hearing me, you all have come in conclusion that i have killed my own mother.

I fucking love my mom and i was 4 at that time. Do you really believe that i have killed her. But no, you all have abused me mentally and physically.

Do you know i was in pain every day from your tortures. A freaking 4 years old has to pass through all this.

You're all a monster for me, no calling all of you a monster is an insult for him. I don't even have an exact word to describe you.

Did you even imagine that a 4 year old child to pass through it. I was wishing for death at that time but i had a little hope that you all love me but no i was wrong.

Do you know what i have been through in the those years but no you're just judging me.

Did you ever imagine that a child less than 14 has been raped and abused. I have passed those years every single days beaten to dead.

I have seen many children passed through that.

And here you all were enjoying your life to the fullest and you didn't even remember if i was fine or I was alive.

You were enjoying your wealth, eating and traveling. But there i had to fight for even a piece of bread. I have starved for weeks and even months.

I was always covered with blood if i did some mistakes. But here you were all spending time with your family.

I know you all have been stressed or sad for your wife and mother and she was also my mother, i love her a lot.

But you didn't get torture or rape, you just missed her but you had food to fulfill your hunger.

I have seen my friends murdered infront of me and you know what impact it form in a child mind by seeing all this. I could have psychology problems but I stayed strong.

I have lived there for years living in that environment and after getting raped, i was pregnant.

I became a teen mother and i had to live by getting nasty comments but i stayed strong.

I had to learn to live on but i never forget what i have been through.

I stay strong for my child and for me and here you all are judging me.

I don't care what you told me but don't bring my son in it. Because you will not see tomorrow and i want regret to kill you all.

Because i don't have feelings for you and will not have in future. And i don't have a shame to tell anyone that i was raped because i was not at fault that rapist was.

And also liam is my son, i am his mother and father. I said all that in an emotionless voice but there was tears in my eyes by recalling all those moments.

I turned to go to my room without even looking at them as i don't give a fuck for them.

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