part 2

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Atter a few years of torture, rapes, abused, i am 16 years old now . Oh i forget to introduce myself, i am Eva de luca (king) , well let come to my fucking family my father name is Antonio king (my sperm dorner). The story began like i was 4 years old, i was the youngest child in my family and favorite also.

My father and brothers always complete my wishes but there was a fucking bastard who was jealous my eldest sister sonia (6 years old) . I was naived at that time as i always give her my things to share. I thought she was my best friend but no. She talked very nicely with me like a true friend.

  One day, i was going to the kitchen then i saw my mother completely covered with blood and my sister had a knife in her hands. She  was shocked by seeing me but i did not notice the smirk in her face. I was covered with water in  my eyes by watching my mother like that.

Then my sister came to me slowly and then threw  the knife at me. "Daddy, Daddy" please come here" sonia  shouted loudly. She started crying (fake),i stood there knowing nothing what to do as i was shocked seeing my mother liked that. My dad came rapidly and then stood there frozen completely and glared at me. Sonia went to him and "dad, eva killed m-mom infront of me," by shuttering and sobbing.

Then my brothers came but they heard what sonia said as they looked at me with hate even my dad. My dad called someone on his phone and came to me and slap me hard on my cheek that i  withdrew  a few steps back. My cheek was red and paining, tears dropped by themselves as i looked at my father in his eyes.

His eyes were filled with hatred and then i knew he believed his other daughter than me. I tried to talk but he slapped me on my face second time. So i completely remained silent and ran to my room( but i didn't forget to throw the knife to the floor).

I went to my room and took a bath because i don't want to remain in blood and then i thought about what happened. After some time my  4 brothers came to me, they looked at me with hatred and digust, they didn't even ask why i did it but they grabbed my hairs and threw me on the floor and started kicking me, punching me and then i heard a broken bone on my ribs. I was screaming in pain but no use.
After continuous beating, they left the room and i was laying there on the floor with extremely pain. I looked as the darkness captured me (unconscious). After some hours, i woke up and stood up with great difficulty. 

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