part 6

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After 2 years, i am now 6 years old and of many training, i became stronger than i was. I can stop the abuse and beating they do but they are of many people but i am alone also sophia.

Sophia and i became best friend, i had told her about my family and how i came here.

She was very angry and wanted to kill my sister. Today i was not feeling well, so i had stay in my room to sleep but i forgot to ask permission.

Sophia also didn't know, she had left early to go to class, she had some projects to complete.

Then i heard the door burst open, i got scared, there stood 2 men. They grabbed me to go to the principal. I was screaming to leave me but they did not listen.

The principal, fred stared at me and looking at my body angrily. He grabbed me and took me to a room. (refer part 1)


After i got raped, i limped and went to my room and i got under the shower and cried loudly.

I was digusted of me, i rubbed my body where he touched me. My private part was hurting a lot and i was bleeding.

I lost my virginity by rape not love. My precious thing, i will not forgive my family about what i got through.

I went to my bed to sleep and i will not tell Sophia what happened.


After 5 years old, i am now 11, i become the first assassin in the world, i never failed my missions and i complete 255 mission without failure sometime alone and sometime with partners.

I also completed my studies, i got my degrees in business, fashion, aerospace engineering, mechanical engineering, bachelor in computer science and also medicine. ( it's wattpad, not true😁)

In fighting, i know martial arts, boxing, judo and also many types. You can consider, i am top in all of this.

I am expert in shooting, knife, hand to hand,boxing and also other types.i have never lost any battles.

Today is my birthday, but i don't celebrate. I went to train, alone. There was no one here and i was drinking water when i felt someone behind me.

When i turned, i got injected with a syringe and i was loosing conscious. But i pinched my leg to stay awake.

I saw, it was my trainer, named victor, in his thirty, he was looking at me lustfull.
He grapped my hand and threw me on the floor.

He ripped my clothes and kissing me on my neck. I couldn't do anything, i was helpless. I was crying but couldn't say anything.

He thrusted inside me in one go, and moving rapidly inside me. He was still kissing my neck and grabbing my breasts tightly.

After some times, he removed his dick and left me there and go. I will not forget this, you will pay for this and i passed out naked.


I found myself back in my room and there was sophia crying. When she saw me awake, she hug me and i asked her how i came here.

"It was late and you was not coming so i went to check you" , she said.

"I found you there naked and there were hickeys and bruises on your body" she said.

She carried me here and cleaned me.

"I was r_raped by Victor " i said.
She was shocked and had an angry look.
Then we decided that we should ran from here.
Before that i would killed the principal and victor, both are my rapists.

After 2 weeks of planning, we decided to execute our plan today.
I went to victor first by grabbing my knife as i got guns just for missions.
I went to his room and there, he was sleeping peacefully. I went near and grabbed his throat and he opened his eyes, he was shocked to see me.
I tied him on his bed and put a tape on his mouth to avoid making noise.

I created cuts on his body and i was smiling to see him helpless likes i was.

"You will see your dead but you can not speak any word like i was when you were raping me" i said.

After some time, he was completely cover with blood, then i slit his throat.

Then me and Sophia went to the principal place, on the way, we had to kill some of his men but we didn't regret it.

They meritted  it , we went to his room and there, he was having sex with a girl or rather raping her.

I didn't go recklessly as it can spoild our plan. We waited after some time and then we went, grabbed his hands.

We saw the girl and give her the clothes lying on the floor. She went silently outside after thanking us, i nodded at her.

I also did the same to him, tying him on his bed and then i cut his one leg and Sophia cut the other. We threw the leg on the floor.

Blood was coming on his body he was shaking in pain.
But he couldn't do anything.

After watching him, in pain, i felt relieved.
Then i slit his throat. We ran toward our room. We grapped 2 guns which was in his drawer.

We grapped our bag and ran towards the back door. Some people were running to catch us but we killed them in one shot and we finally got our freedom.

We went towards a hotel some kilometers away from the school to avoid caught.

When we reached the room,we finally felt happy and felt relieved. In the meanwhile, i ran to the washroom, i felt like vommiting.

After vommiting, i went inside the room and i saw sophia was watching me with a concern look and shocked.

"Eva are you pregnant" she said. I was shocked.

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