Part 15

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Kyro pov

I hated eva a lot as she had killed my mom but listening what she have been through i am starting regretting what i have done.

I  want to apologize to her and improve our relationship step by step but i don't know if sonia will like it .

And i don't have a face to apologize to her and i have an ego problem. I don't want to destroy my bond with sonia due to eva.

Sonia is my favorite and after that accident i have always pampered her and bought anything she wished.

After listening to eva story ,my hates for is completely gone. I wish i can mend our bond slowly without hurting sonia's feelings .

After one of my favorite car ,i can't control asking her where did she got it .
It is my dream car and i had also begged  my friend to ask his friend (as he is the owner ) to sell the car to me but he said no.

I am a racer and i love cars but that car i could not buy it. I was left heartbroken.

But now i am seeing it infront of me and my sister is the owner . What a joke? I couldn't buy it but she has .

Eva pov

Where did you get so much money to afford them and all of them cost in  millions and some are rare that even i can't buy even if i asked  the owners " my father said.

Well it's not your fucking business to know but still i will tell you.  Did you ever heard of the company name EVAL.

"Yes , it is the number one in the business world and the owner is the richest in the world but he doesn't show his face and there is rumors that he is 49 years old", my father replied.

Why are you asking this instead of replying our questions, Ace said.

Well ,it is completely relevant to the question as i am  the owner of that company and i am the youngest billionaire in the world , i earn in billions and it's my business on what i spent my money  , i said in a cold tone.

I am not some old man aged 49 as the rumors and i am a girl not a boy. All the rumors are fake.

"Ha,ha ,ha, ha , you're joking right and you are a billionaire, what a joke" , sonia said sarcastically to me.  What will i get to lie to all of you , i said to her in an irritate voice .

Then i turn to see all of them shocked except my so called mother and sister as they were still laughing.

It's your choice to believe or not , i don't give a damn . I turn to ask liam to choose a car for the long drive.

After some minutes he choosed the white car and without waiting i put him in his car seat. He was whining  as i put him in that but safety come first .



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