part 22

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Eva pov

I turn to see my sixth brother lucas standing behind me. He is looking surprised and shocked at me and i don't know how to start the conversation.

So i did the most stupid thing  i could even think. "Hey bro, nice to see you and what a coincidence to see you here ," i said to him in a childish way.

"Shut up with all this nonsense and will you care to explain how the fuck did you kill someone", lucas said to me in an angry tone. How can i tell him that i am an assassin and to top it all ,i am the Red killer.

"Well he was trying to molest me and when i was trying to run away , he attacked me with his pocket knife so i had no choice to kill him. I was very scared at that time  but i think it was god wish for him to die and may god bless his soul ", i tried to convince him with my fake story.

"Oh really , it didn't look like that in the room when you were killing him and it needed years of experience to kill him with such an ease and i didn't even notice a bit of regret and there was a killing aura coming from you" lucas said to me by gritted his teeth.

There was 2 minutes silence after this and i had no choice to tell him the truth .
I will tell you the truth but you promise me to keep it a secret but first let go home.

I drove my car and he followed mine and after 30 minutes of driving we reached home. He was still following me but i stopped my track and told him to meet me after 15 minutes.

My family stood shock in the living room as they saw me talk to lucas and they were looking jealous for some seconds but they masked it well.

I went upstairs and saw liam was sleeping, i kissed his forehead and went to freshen up and change into a comfortable dress.

Eva nightwear

Eva nightwear

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After some time lucas knocked in my room and i took him to the balcony as liam is sleeping. I decided to tell him the truth but just the assassin side not mafia's.

I will be complete honest with you but you will have to tell me why did you ignore me when i first came here.

"Sorry hermana, it was just because of my work as it is very dangerous ", he apologized to me and hugged me.

"I know what you work and it will not affect me " i said to him . "What you know but how as nobody here know ?" he  questioned loudly to me. Yes i know you're an assassin the fire dragon and before i came here i know everything about everyone here .

Don't ask me but i have my sources and it's a secret for laters. "Ok but explained about the murder scene " he said helplessly.

"I am also an assassin and my underworld name is Red killer", i said to him ignoring his shock face.But don't asked me other questions because you will not get any answers. You know Red killer is my idol and i love his killing styles and i always thought the red killer is a man  but now he is a  girl and  even my own sister .

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